We thought you might like to see this Report on the Helderberg Basin area compiled by the Unit for Religion and Development Research (URDR) in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Stellenbosch. The report was compiled in 2001 but remains highly relevant today. Don't be put off by the title or authors, it's a highly readable report and offers some valuable insights into life in the Helderberg Basin. There are also 8 other reports on other parts of the Cape Town municipality which are worth looking at.

One interesting aspect of this report is the comparison between places of Christian worship (p20) in the Helderberg Basin compared to the number of liquor outlets both licensed and unlicensed (p23). There are 226 places of Christian worship and 487 liquor outlets!

You can visit the
Transformation Research Project's home page for more info.

The report is in .pdf format and can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader


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