Pakistan Earthquake Update

Our friend Matt who is serving with PAI in Pakistan sent this through today. Please continue to pray for him and his work but also for those affected by the devastation of the quake as they try to rebuild their lives.


The curfew is over in Gilgit, but tomorrow I am moving 12 hours south to Mansehra, the heart of the earthquake zone – to coordinate our volunteers and new office there – possibly for 2-3 months. We have an excellent shelter design, many 100s of which we are trying to get out to the uppermost villages before the snows come. My 4 wheel drive is ready, just in time, though for the shelter distribution we hope to make use of the helicopters. Please pray for wisdom and protection as we search out the most needy. I met a young lad in Mansehra last week, who had come down from the village. He told me, with tears in his eyes, that over 200 of his relatives had been killed and that many were still under the rubble. Here, where cousin marriage is so common, his story will not be unique.

It's great that a Christian organisation like PAI have been given such freedom of movement around Pakistan by a Muslim govt, please pray the they will be effective in building and extending God's kingdom is such a desperate situation. Praise God too that people like Matt want so desperately to serve God in such difficult circumstances.


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