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I've been a bit remiss in not posting Palace's results in the last few months so here goes with the very last one of this season..

The season officially ended 2 weeks ago but Palace were in the playoffs along with Leeds, Watford and Preston. Unfortunately Palace were stuffed 3-0 in the home leg and drew 0-0 with Watford in the away leg so Watfor will play Leeds in the final.

The highlight of the away leg was the mass brawl which involved 22 players, 2 managers and an assortment of back room staff, Brilliant! Allegedly Dowie thumped someone, so it wasn't a total loss!

So it's back to the fizzypop league for another dreary season. The really bad news is that our old enemy Brighton were relegated as were the Rodneys so we've got no decent derby matches to look forward to.

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  1. I was just going to say ... err, havn't heard much about Football recently and there it is, when I scroll down, an apology from Dean about being remiss in posting the results! And it's the last match of the season, shame! The BRAWL sounded better than the footie!


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