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The season may be finished but there is some Palace news to report. The biggest news is that the fixture list for next season has been published. However, due to the Football Data Company's refusal to accept a European Court ruling I can't publish them here so click the BBC Sport link for details.

Highlights of the coming campaign are an opening day clash with the Saints and a busy period over Christmas and New Year, playing away to Coventry (and Judas Dowie, more on him in a moment) on Boxing Day, away to relegated Sheffield Utd on the 29th and then home to Norwich on New Year's Day. The latter end of the season doesn't look to concerning at this stage.

Dowie lost in court in his battle to clear his name, so now it's official, he's a liar! Simon Jordan took Dowie to court on the basis of "fraudulent representations" after Dowie was released from his contract (and a £1million clause) at Palace saying he wanted to move closer to his family in the North of England. A few days later Dowie popped up at Charlton! Whilst Jordan is a controversial character and not universally liked within the footballing world, I think he is good for the game and this victory is definitely good news.


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