Palace News & Results

The results are pure rubbish and as such lead nicely onto the 'Palace News' bit of this post.. Peter Taylor has been sacked as manager of Palace! Truth be told even a blind man could have seen that one coming, so it's hardly a sensational piece of news. Regardless it is generally good news for the long suffering Palace fans amongst us. Taylor has spoken out saying he has "no hard feelings" over the situation, but when you're rubbish you can't have regrets you just have to accept responsibility.

Palace currently languish 6th from the bottom of the table so hopefully the new manager will be appointed soon and Palace can get back up to a decent position in the league.

So, in the unlikely event of Palace employing Jose Mourinho, the Croydon Guardian has a poll for you to vote for who you would like to be the next Palace manager, so go and cause mayhem with their poll.


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