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Christmas and New Year are always busy times in church life and things are no different at Grace Community Church. If anything, this time of year seems far busier than back in Blighty, but that may be due in part to the fact that the 'festive' period falls in the Summer holidays.

Daniël organised a Thank You spit roast for those who have been helpful in building church life throughout 2008. So on Saturday evening quite a crowd gathered in his garden to enjoy good fellowship, a fantastic lamb spit roast and lots of laughs!

We've been really impressed with the spirit of the folk of Grace Community Church and are thrilled to be a part of a church which is hungry for God. Probably what impresses us the most is the integrity we see in the lives of the guys as they seek to follow and serve God. We've been particularly impressed with Gerrit (above) and his wife Sharon. In the photo above Gerrit is carving the lamb despite the fact that he doesn't like it and won't eat it. In fact, he spent most of the evening serving in this way which is so typical of him. It's a real joy to worship amongst people like this!

Chillin' and chatting before the meal

Mervin & Yolanda

Daniël & Zelda

As the evening wore on the fun livened up

On Sunday the kids put on a nativity which was really good fun, partly because they hadn't rehearsed a great deal but mainly because everyone really entered into the spirit of it. We're certainly beginning to see a new take on old traditions and it is really refreshing.

Sadly, Joel had already decided he wasn't going to participate and Eli took his cue from Joel and also refused. We'll work on them for next year.

Eli almost stole the show when he fell off his skateboard as he was leaning against the stage (see photo below). Dad should have rushed to his aid being the closest to him but Dad couldn't stop laughing. Shame on Dad!

Eli just before the skateboard slipped out from under him. Classic!

The nativity

A new take on Father Christmas


Father Christmas made an appearance


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