Prayer Letter

Our latest prayer letter is available online, click here to see it.

It's also available in PDF format here.

Unfortunately there has been a delay with the snail mail version which hopefully will be winging its way to you shortly once our wonderful distributor receives it.


  1. Your blog on Africa looks great.

    We’re building the blogroll of our Africa blog on We’d like to add your blog to our blogroll list, and were wondering if you would do the same for us. You could just call the link Africa at The URL is

    It’s good to see others with a passion for Africa and linking to each other seems like a great way to expand the community of people trying to bring social change on this issue.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if you have other ideas on how we might collaborate and connect our communities.

  2. They've arrived and will be going out this weekend!



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