Great Day!

What a great day! Lesley took Joel off my hands for most of it and he had a ball with her. They were joined by Grandad later and it sounds like the fun just kept coming. Thank you Lesley!!!

I managed to complete Phase 1 of the shipping in that I've got everything out of the attic and had a cursory inspection and sorting of each box. I've had one testing but ultimately successful trip to the charity shop and the rest of the stuff now awaits its formal unpacking, sorting and repacking ready for freighting to South Africa.

We had a lovely 'Christmas Dinner' with Lisa and the family (see pics below) which was a lot of fun. Joel adores the prawn starter and did quite well with his main meal. I simply adore Lisa's roast potatoes! Thanks Lisa!!!

Tonight I joined Grandad & Lesley with their regular Friday night crowd at The Windmill in the village for a couple of pints of Ruddles County. Very enjoyable and should help with the packing tomorrow.

Right now I can hear my bed calling.

Joel really enjoyed a bit of baking with Lesley

Enjoying the spoils of his labour with Grandad

Out for a walk with Isaac, Lesley's grandson

A true gentleman

The prawn starter

Pulling a cracker with Bethany

Jelly for pudding, he must have won the lottery!


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