I've heard the word 'podcast' many times and generally ignored it as I'm not much of an 'ipod' or mp3 person. I occasionally listen to an mp3 player on a flight but that's about it. However, over Christmas we were asked by St. Cuthbert's to do a short talk or video for them and then Missionary-Blogs did an article on podcasting so I'm giving it a go.

For the uninitiated like myself -I had to do a bit of Googling to find out what it's all about, a podcast (Personal On Demand broadCast) is a self made radio or TV style short designed specifically for the web. Normally they can be listened to on the web or downloaded to an mp3 player for later.

We now have our own podcast page over at PodOmatic but we'll post the podcasts here to save you having to visit another website.


  1. Greetings from Snowy Cheadle - we had temperatures recorded at Woodford (British Aerospace) last night of minus 18 degrees!
    It was good to hear your voice Dean and to hear first hand more of your news.
    Take care of yourselves and love and prayers from all at St Mary's

  2. Wow! Your real voice!! I will come back later when I can truly listen, but what a delight!

    Off topic, but Dean I must tell you that I love love love my Canon camera.Thanks for your input!


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