I have previously taken a lighthearted look at some of the joys of life in Africa (see links below) and for a while have wanted to take a tongue in cheek look at the beauty of South Africa.

So here we have a selection of pics shamelessly nicked from other blogs and websites showcasing the best and worst of South Africa.

As one can see from this first pic, preparations for the 2010 World Cup are well underway. 

A Sowetan limo

A traditional 'braai' (BBQ in the civilised world) pack from a local supermarket

Making sure the beer gets home safely.

Everything has a price!

Some consider the recent hike in 'taxi' fares to be unreasonable so find alternative means of getting around town

A traditional Afrikaaner (redneck) braai (BBQ)

N.B. whilst Afrikaaners refer to the Brits as rooineks (literally rednecks) with reference to our tendency to burn in the sun, we refer to them as rednecks more in the N.American sense of the expression.


South African's love to braai (BBQ) and are quite good at creating new ways to put fun in a tiresome activity

Reasons We love Africa Pt 1
Reasons We love Africa Pt 2½
Reasons We love Africa Pt 3

If this in any way offends please do feel free to keep your objections to yourself.


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