In the midst of a very stressful couple of weeks and no immediate sign of the stress ending I've managed to have a really blessed day!

As I collected one of the guys for our Men's Group he told me not to rush off when I dropped him back home as he wanted to give me something. So off we went and we had a good group. I'm loving the way some of the guys are starting to talk freely and open up about things.

Definitely the highlight of my week!
Read on..

Anyway, I dropped him home and he took me to his back garden where he cut these stunning roses for Paula & I.

What a treasure and what a blessing!

When I got home at lunchtime I saw that Michael had rocked up and was busy in the garden. He'd brought a load of flowers he's been growing at home for me and had set about planting them. Fantastic!

Then later in the afternoon another mate rang to ask if I needed any turf for the garden. He then delivered a couple of square metres of turf, gratis.

All in all I've had a fantastically blessed day!

Thank you Lord!


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