Minus Three!

This one is for our friends back in SA.

I took this this morning as I was warming the car up for our journey to Oxshott at 9am and it was -3.5°C.

Scary thing is this is down south in London town. We've still got to go up north in January and goodness knows what it might be like by then!

The boys are desperate to see snow and they are absolutely adamant that we must go back to the pond on Wimbledon Common tomorrow morning to throw more stones onto the ice and try to break it again. Looking forward to that!

Still, we had a great morning with our friends at St. Andrew's in Oxshott. I preached during the service and then afterwards we shared our Powerpoint presentation about our work followed by our photo slideshow.

We really appreciate our link with the folk of St. Andrew's as they're a brilliantly supportive and communicative church! The presentations seemed to be well received and were followed by some excellent questions which was great as it means folk are listening and taking in what they've seen and heard.

Next stop is Weald on Wednesday for a few nights and then on to Hertford on Saturday.


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