We're half-way through our mission ed' trip and over half-way in terms of speaking engagements so it's almost downhill until we return home.

For now we're back in Wimbledon for our last 'quiet' stretch before Christmas after which it all gets very busy again as we have a few things on before our tip to Cheadle early in the New Year.

We finished off last week with a presentation of our work at Queens Road Church here in Wimbledon. It was a small but select crowd and we really enjoyed it as it enabled folk to ask what they really wanted to and it was followed by a good time of prayer.

We then began this week with a great visit to St. Peter's in Ightam. Dean preached in the morning service and then immediately afterwards we gave our powerppoint presentation followed by our photo slideshow, both of which were well received. Our excellent morning was topped off with a great lunch of shepherd's pie with a few of the faithful.

So a reasonably quiet week ahead topped off with a low key Sunday at Queens Road in which we're being interviewed for a couple of minutes, we'll also show a few powerpoint slides to keep the youngsters interested.

Your prayers for safety as we travel are really appreciated!


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