Life is not like a jigsaw puzzle. It doesn't come neatly packaged in a box with a picture on top to show how the pieces go together.

How we wish that more folk in life would grasp this simple analogy and accept that often in life we make it up as we go along and have to trust that we're making the right decisions for the right reasons.

As Christians we pepper it all with prayer but that still doesn't give us any superior knowledge as to what is necessarily the right or wrong way. We step out in faith, trusting...

I'm beginning to really understand what Jesus meant when he told the disciples that the kingdom of heaven belonged to those who were as innocent as children. So often folk seem to think they have a better knowledge than others or a better grasp on things but in reality they're a million miles from the mark.

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  1. My 'hero' of the moment is Noah... As long as you are listening to God, it doesn't matter if no one else can understands the boat on a hill with no water. God has a plan...not our plan, His plan. And it is not we expect....


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