I May Be Wrong

Forgive me if I'm wrong here but...

I kind of thought that if one genuinely seeks restoration of friendship then one needs to acknowledge that friendship has broken down. If one acknowledges that friendship has broken down one needs to acknowledge that one played a part in that breakdown. If one acknowledges that one had a part to play in that breakdown then one needs to express a degree of sorrow or remorse for their part in that.

Surely then, if one then sits there and claims "I feel I have nothing to apologise for!" then clearly one is not genuinely seeking restoration.

As I say, I may be wrong, but I'm very open to discussing it. Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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  1. Would tend to agree... we're currently locked in conflict and instead of apology or indeed anything leading to restoration we're getting "I feel bad" in a way that is less about being sorry and more about "and I'm holding you responsible for making me feel bad"... maybe I'm wrong and I should just take it as an apology, but that's not how it comes over. Christians...! There's that bit in Philip Yancy's grace book where he says if we're claiming to have received this big Grace from God, then how come we're still living such narrow little lives... I think he's got a point.


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