Dean on the Delvera vineyard as part of the Dirtopia mountain bike event in Stellenbosch.

Why not? we're always looking for an excuse to visit the local wineries!


Please pray for Patrick, he's back in hospital this evening. Dean went to CNP as usual and called in to see Patrick and was alarmed to see that the blister which had appeared on Patrick's foot late last week is now the size of a tennis ball! Dean immediately arranged to take Patrick to hospital and they arrived there at 3pm this afternoon.

Patrick is in a lot of pain but doesn't want to stay in hospital - quite understandable! Please pray that Patrick will get a thorough 'MOT' and a very thorough bed bath. Unfortunately due to his amputation and stroke, Patrick finds washing and showering almost impossible. We're also left feeling that the health service here are only interested in addressing his symptoms and not the underlying problems, please pray into this.


Joel is quite ill at the moment with another bout of bronchiolitis, the Dr gave him some drugs which have had a positive impact but he's coughing like mad and is really fed up with it.

We're both well and Dean is just about recovered from his bad back. He recently acquired a new mountain bike (see the piccy) and as he was getting used to the new seating position etc his back obviously stretched, no permanent damage but a bit sore for a few days.


Joel mesmerised by the waves crashing onto the beach in Plett.


Joel lounging by a boat. As the lagoon was so shallow we were able to wade up to many of the small fishing boats which Joel thought was great.

Judy's House

Judy's house in Plett. This is where we stayed for 2 weeks, our bedroom was the one with the balcony. The house was stunning!

Plett Lagoon

Joel and dad at Plett lagoon. This was Joel's favourite bit of beach as there was no tide and the water was very shallow.


Walking on the beach with mum.


On the seesaw with mum. Not sure who enjoyed it the most!


Joel watching the elephants at Knysna Elephant Park. Joel was able to feed the elephants and really enjoyed getting this close.


The view from our bedroom balcony in Plettenberg Bay