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We're going to try and keep a running Blog whilst we're in South Africa, keeping you up to date with our thoughts, feelings and latest happenings, we'll also keep you posted with news about Joel.

We will also include information about the work we are doing sharing the joys, troubles and answers to prayer.

Enough waffle, you'll get the idea as we go along.

Saturday 10 July.
2 days after Paula's birthday (we'll not say how old!) and we've just left Marryat Road in Wimbledon where we've been living for the last year. We had a great time with Susan and feel really blessed to have been living with her in her attic.

As we write we're at Paula's dad's home sorting through the last few boxes of stuff getting ready for packing or storage.

Tommorow we have our commissioning service at St. George's here in the village of Weald, we're looking forward to this but it will also be a hard time as we say goodbye to so many dear people. Then we have 4 days before we fly out on Thursday 15th.

Our immediate needs on arrival are to get our accommodation sorted, we've signed the lease and are waiting for the landlord to do the same. We also need to secure a reliable and affordable car ASAP otherwise we'll be very stuck. Finally, our freight is due to dock in Cape Town on 18 July, please pray that all goes smoothly.

Many thanks for all your support.

Dean, Paula & Joel


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