Just got to say what a great morning it was with Tree Of Life again.

It is such a privilege to see guys who have been stifled for so long finally spreading their wings and learning to fly again!

This morning Chris brought a word and it was brilliant. What an encouragement to see folk stepping out into new things with Jesus. I've never heard Chris speak like he did this morning but I know that as a church we are going to be hearing a lot more as he flies in his faith.

Others are beginning to step out too and it is both a privilege and amazing to watch.

Thank you Lord!

I've been wanting to blog about church for the last two weeks but haven't really got my head around what has happened or found the right words to describe how fantastic it has been.

Our inaugural Sunday was great and all I could say to the guys afterwards was that had I been able to plan the meeting in detail it wouldn't have gone as well as it did. Praise God for his infinite grace! However, planning and executing one meeting is easy, doing it week in and week out will be the challenge.

Wednesday evening was another really encouraging time together as we talked about the Sunday and considered what went well and what we need to work on. Our home group meeting then became another great time of sharing testimony and praising God for what he's doing in and amongst us.

New School Year

The new school year starts today for our boys and they're both looking very grown up in their formal white shirts.

They were both really excited about returning to school and catching up with their friends. Both boys have got great teachers again this year so we're really excited to see how they are going to fly again in the year.

Joel is now in Year 4 which is quite a step up for him. Things become a lot more formal from now which should be good for him. Joel will also join the junior school camp for the first time this year, which will involve three nights away from home. The parents are very excited about this!

Eli is in Year 2 with a teacher he had for the 2nd half of his reception year, hopefully the previous relationship with the teacher will stand him in good stead for a great year.

We are very excited for them both as we know their teachers and they are good. The school has a great ethos and the things it does well it does very very well so 2012 should be a great year for them both.

Tree Of Life Planted!

What an amazing privilege to be a part of the start of tree of Life church in Macassar this morning!

Thank you Lord!

The sense of expectation was high as we planted from Love & Grace into Macassar and the spirit was certainly with us this morning. Now we're really excited to see how this is going to grow as we seek to serve and extend the kingdom of God in Macassar and beyond.

It wasn't a polished performance, far from it which is great as that's not what church is about anyway. Also, it's not a numbers game though we would just say that the classroom turned out to be too small. Hallelujah! The important thing is that as a group of people committed to this church plant we're excited about the things we see God doing in us and through us and we just know that this work will continue to grow in Macassar and beyond.

Today is a very exciting day as Tree of Life Church meets on a Sunday morning in Macassar for the very first time.

Please join us in praying for God's name to be glorified as his kingdom is extended in Macassar.

Drum Roll Please...

Just 24 hours to go...

So this morning we're out in Macassar inviting people to join us tomorrow.

Our big prayer is that the Holy Spirit would go before us and rock up on Sunday, please join us in prayer for this.

Plant A Tree

This morning was a morning of mixed emotions for the Macassar crowd as it was our final morning as part of Love & Grace Church as we're planting into Macassar from next Sunday.

The mixed emotions are born out of the many friendships we've all built with folk in Mitchell's Plain and the excitement of moving into something new with God. We'll miss our friends at Love & Grace but we know we'll see each other again soon and we'll remain in contact with each other.

Our time as part of Love & Grace has been incredible as God took us all on a journey of healing, restoration and growth. At the point at which we joined Love & Grace we were very down and were all hurting quite badly and as such we had no idea where our time with Love & Grace would lead us, we certainly weren't looking to plant a church at that point!