The former South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has spoken out at the recent Steve Biko Memorial Lecture on contemporary life in this amazing land. Tutu's comments are quite revealing and at times even a little shocking, but having read what he's saying I think he's not a million miles from the truth.

Click here for the BBC article and make up your own mind.

Palace Result

Palace won again on Saturday, beating Coventry 1-0 at Selhurst Park. Clinton Morrison struck the winner in the 55th minute to secure the points for Palace. Once again Palace were the better team, especially in the second half.

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Next fixture: Sat 30 Sep away to Hull

Morrison celebrates his winning goal!

Aunty Kuku

Aunty Kuku died in the early hours of yesterday morning. Sadly this is the third death in Chris Nissen in 4 days. She had really struggled since Patrick's death last year and was deteriorating rapidly. Paula spent some time with Aunty Kuku before we went on holiday and felt at the time that she had said goodbye. The funeral will be next Saturday as there is another big funeral this Sat in the community.

We're really grateful to Aunty Kuku's family for looking after her so diligently since Patrick's death, they really did do a great job!

Blogging Friends

Our dear friend Hazel and her husband Martin have had a website about their ministry for a while now, but recently they have started a Blog too. The Blog can be seen by clicking Martin & Hazel's Blog and their website can be seen here.

We've known Hazel since our time at All Nations Christian College and know that she is quality. Martin must be a top guy too having married Hazel (sadly we've never met Martin, such is life on the mission field). Hazel has a unique way of seeing and expressing things and she's really passionate about her work with Latin Link in Argentina.

Please take time to read their Blog and website, but be ready to be challenged!

Holiday Photos

We had a lot of fun on holiday and were blessed with an amazing house to stay in for free for the 2 weeks. The break came at a great time for us and the boys really thrived on so much quality family time together. Joel's highlight was the 'orange train' at the railway museum, we're not sure which train he's on about but it made a big impact on him. Eli's highlight was probably learning to pull himself up and then cruise the furniture, he also really enjoyed the beach. Our highlight was the peace and quiet after bedtime when we were able to watch some BBC Prime on satelite TV, Paula was having withdrawal symptoms from Casualty and Holby, whilst Dean watched loads of Top Gear and quite a bit of football.

The gorgeous house we had the use of for two weeks in Sedgefield. This was such a blessing!

Eli took to life on the beach as if he's been doing it all his life

The wind was strong at times but nothing like it is in Somerset West. Joel really enjoyed his windmill

We went to the beach at Buffelsbaai which is a safe beach for children. As you can see, we were fighting for space on the 7km stretch of beach

Contemplating a spot of fishing. Dad & Joel had some great times in the rockpools

First attempt at a sandcastle

Glider passing overhead on the beach

Joel at the Outeniqua Choo Tjoe train museum

Admiring trains of all descriptions

Joel wanted to take this one home!

Back on the beach, we managed 4 days on the beach, not bad for springtime

Standing is old hat for Eli

"This sand is a bit cruncy"

Lemur from Madagascar at Monkeyland. This is a rescue park for monkeys which were either domesticated or used for entertainment. The park is a single 12 hectare enclosure in which the various monkeys are free to roam. This is a brilliant project!

More Lemurs

Joel riding a monkey

So cute! a Ringtail Lemur

Daddy carrying Joel & ELi across the rope bridge. This bridge takes you through the tree canopy and allows excellent views of the monkeys

Mummy out for a stroll with Eli

Joel throwing stones into the river

Getting brave!

Mummy took swingball a little too seriously!

Joel at the Wolf sanctuary

Down to the serious issues of braai-ing

The N2 to Sedgefield goes over the Kaaimans Pass which has recently collapsed following severe rains and landslides this winter. The pass is only open on one lane and delays of 1 hour are the norm. Sadly, the landslides have also taken out some of the Outeniqua Choo Tjoe railway line so the trains aren't running

Another part of the road which had collapsed

The barrier on the right has clearly slipped down taking a large chunk of road with it

Palace Result

Palace got back to winning ways on Saturday with a hard fought but well deserved 1-0 win over Norwich at Carrow Rd. In the first 45 minutes it had been a tight game, but Palace created the better chances throughout the contest and were certainly the better of the two teams in the second half (Palace had 9 shots on target to their 2).

As 4 minutes of extra time were being played Palace sensed victory and took it. Yet another precise corner was played into the box by Mark Kennedy and Shefki Kuqi headed firmly downwards and into the roof of the net to give the Eagles the lead they had threatened throughout the second

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Manager's Comments

Next fixture: Sat 23 Sept home to Coventry

The Lighter Side

We're Back!

We've just had a wonderful couple of weeks in Sedgefield, chilling out with the boys and re-acquanting ourselves with each other, brilliant! The weather was OK, we managed 4 days on the beach and were only housebound on one day due to really heavy rains.

We had a lot of fun doing all sorts of stuff. Joel discovered pizza and can't get enough of it. He also discovered Tom & Jerry and giggles himself silly watching it.

Eli learnt to pull himelf up into the standing position and within a few minutes of having done so he started cruising around the furniture. Oh dear!

Both boys seemed to thrive on having so much uninterrupted attention and we really enjoyed them, they bring so much pleasure into our lives!

Whilst away we celebrated 15 years of marriage and tonight we're ditching the boys and going out for a slap up meal.

Hope you enjoy the photos below...we'll post some serious ones over the next few days.

On our way we stopped for breakfast at the Wimpy and were amused by the ingredients in the sugar packet

Bummer! Just what we'd gone to the beach to do

Have you any idea just how inconvenient it is to have to leave the Jack Daniels and AK47 in the car?


We're off to Sedgefield on holiday tomorrow morning for 2 weeks and have absolutely no intention whatsoever of Blogging whilst away!

See you all in 2 weeks.