Square Pegs

Having written a reflection post about our recent trip to Blighty I felt challenged to write a more truthful one. Not that I was lying in the previous post, far from it, but there was more going on than I wrote about and it's pretty important stuff.

We were both asked quite early on about what was different with this trip than previous trips back to the UK. This seemed to be born out of the fact that many folk commented on how happy and relaxed we appeared. Initially we had no answer other than the fact that we are very happy and relaxed because we know we're where God wants us to be and doing what he called us to do. Add into that the fact that the material we were presenting was of a much higher quality than we've previously put together, thanks mainly to the amazing folk of Tree of Life and it was clear this trip was different.

However, as I spent some time reflecting on the question it came to me that there were actually some very significant differences.

From Britain With Love

Tonight at our home group meeting we'll be showing the short film we made of the various responses folk gave to camera about our Roadshow presentations.

All we can say to those of you that spoke to camera is "Thank You!".

Been & Gone

We can't quite believe that after months of planning and preparing for our UK trip it's now over and we've been back home for a couple of weeks. Life is now back into its usual cycle of school runs etc. but we'll attempt to put a coherent reflection together.

We really did hit the ground running and by the end of the first week we were exhausted but absolutely thrilled with what we'd achieved.

Things didn't start too well though. I feel I was oversold Emirates by my peeps who for months had been telling me just how much I would love it because of the space and the on board entertainment. Well our first flight out of Cape Town was horrific! Now don't get me wrong, the staff are a class above BA's and the food was pretty good too. No the horror bit was the fact that Paula was cramped, and if Paula's cramped what chance have I got? Add in to the mix the fact that the entertainment system wasn't Emirates' all singing & dancing ICE system and it made for a very miserable 10 hours!

The Final Curtain

Last night saw the conclusion of our Facing The Mountain Roadshows as we gave our final presentation to a select gathering of folk right here in Weald village.

It was a truly great evening with an incredibly diverse mix of people from the vicar who was responsible for Paula getting saved through to a complete stranger and his cousin who had seen the event advertised in the parish magazine.