Religious Iconography

There is something just plain wrong about this piece of religious tat, I just can't quite figure out what it is.

On Fire - Yet Again!

We awoke to a bizarre kind of orangey light streaming in through the bathroom window this morning. It was very strange and we couldn't figure it out at first, but then we began to realise that the air was thick with smoke - again!

It was when we went outside however that we began to realise how bad things were. The garden looked like it had been sprinkled with snow but in actual fact it was all covered with ash.

The sun was shining red through the smoke as it rose over the Hottentots Holland mountains as the fire was on the slopes just above Sir Lowry's Pass village. This evening the fire is still raging and it doesn't look like the fire crews are having much joy in their fight against it. Rain has been forecast for tomorrow night so hopefully that might put it out if the firefighters don't manage it.

The trampoline covered in ash

The Helderberg on fire once again!

This one started a few days ago and the fire crews have been battling to get it under control for a while. Sadly, despite using helicopters to water bomb it they don't seem to be winning. Thankfully the wind has dropped a bit which should help.

The mountain is largely obscured by the smoke during the day and the air is thick with the smell of it.

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We're all really well and enjoying the height of summer. The temperature is well into the 30's most days and we've had a few days of 40° heat which has been great and it looks like we're in for a few more days of glorious weather.

Joel pulled a blinder on Dad today. He came home from school with some make-up on as he'd been chosen with several other children for a promotional photo for the school. So Joel decided to paint the rest of his face red to be a "bloody pirate". As he came out of his bedroom he complained to Daddy that he was "burning up". Daddy fell for it, got into a bit of a state just in time to realise Joel was laughing his head off. Nice one! Cracking sense of humour which we'll be nurturing.

Garage Worship

This morning was a bit of a different gathering as we were unable to meet in the community hall due to the voter registration taking place. Despite having booked the hall two months in advance and paid for it!

Regardless, Daniel and Mervin did a great job of rallying the troops and making sure as many members as possible knew that we would meet in Davey's garage instead.

I often feel that many churches, especially the bigger ones have lost their edge and are no longer able to adapt quickly to situations beyond their control. We had to adapt quickly this morning and had a great meeting in which there was (as ever) a real desire to meet with God. Somehow when things are stripped back to basics, they feel so much more authentic and this morning was a great example of that. This is what we love so much about Grace Community Church.

Daniel leading worship in his Dad's garage

Down On The Farm

One morning this week I had the privilege of spending time with Davey (he's Daniel's dad) as he took me around Jamestown just outside Stellenbosch. Jamestown is an amazing little community which was started by some missionaries many moons ago and it was pretty much left alone during the apartheid era which means today it's a close knit and vibrant community with few of the hang-ups of some other communities.

It was a real pleasure to meet some of Davey's family and friends and to have a cup of tea with my old friend Josie from our previous church.

Davey wanted to introduce me to a few of his friends and family but also to show me a piece of land which he rents. He used to farm the plot (as seen in the foreground of the picture above) but struggles to do so on his own now. So his vision is to get some of the folk from church involved so as to give some of them something to do as well as generating income and food for folks.

I'm quite excited about the potential for this and am keen to involve the Farming God's Way guys to see if we can't model something really effective here in the Western Cape. We were quite involved with Farming God's Way when we were at Westgate in Zimbabwe. Stay tuned..

The smoke on the mountains in the photo above are from a bush fire on the Jonkershoek mountains which has spread over to the Jamestown side. Hopefully the authorities will get it under control soon.

Davey pondering what might be..