We had such an amazing time at our celebration meeting two weeks ago!

It was a real family time as Tree Of Life were joined by Love & Grace from Mitchell's Plain and Simon's Bay Christian Church from Simon's Town.

Graham's team from Mitchell's Plain lead the worship, Shaddie brought a great word and Tree Of Life organised the celebration and lead it. It's such a blessing to be involved in churches working together for the extension of the Kingdom!

Time seemed to slip by, in fact it was three hours but hardly seemed like 3 minutes. Towards the end many folk were prayed for for healing, one was saved and others were deeply impacted by God's love.

Firstly, thank you to all of you that were praying for the weather on our outreach a couple of weeks ago, the weather turned out great despite the forecast and we are truly thankful to God for this!

It has indeed been a couple of weeks since the outreach and the reason it has taken so long to blog about it is that many of us are still blown away by the whole thing!

As a church our motto is "Come with us and we will treat you well" from Numbers 10:29. In our experience over the years churches are often great at hurting people and poor on loving and caring for folk and we as a church are making a commitment to treat people well. We are totally committed to letting people belong to us, then to believe and leaving the behaving part to the Holy Spirit. After all, correcting sinful behaviour is NOT the role of the pastor's wife!

So on Saturday two weeks ago we sent some of our folk out onto the streets of Macassar inviting people to our Celebration meeting the next day and also targeting ladies out shopping, giving them a ticket for a free pampering.

Miles For Smiles Assembly

I've lifted this straight out of the school's weekly newsletter:

Through the combined efforts of the International School of Helderberg and Macquarie Securities South Africa, we raised a phenomenal R71878.70 [almost £5700] for Operation Smile South Africa!
Over the last 5 years we have raised almost R200 000-00 for Operation Smile.

We are so very thankful to each and every one who has been involved in raising this money."


We're very proud of Joel as he played with his fellow guitarists at the school's Music Cafe this morning.

They played Wonderwall by Oasis and did really well.

Local Rag

An update for those of you who sponsored our boys in their Miles For Smiles ride a few weeks ago.

Our local rag the District Mail ran this article today with a lovely photo of Eli in it.

The best bit though has to be the typo in the headline! The school doesn't actually trade in children.

Prayer Request

We're planning to do quite a big outreach next Friday and Saturday as we have another celebration meeting in Macassar on Sunday morning with our friends from Mitchell's Plain and Simon's Town.

We have a few events planned, one of which will be to pamper ladies in the community by doing their nails, hair and make-up whilst serving them with coffee and a muffin.

As you can see from the forecast it's predicted to rain quite heavily over the weekend and we really need good weather for the Friday and Saturday so would ask you to pray for good weather, especially that the rain would stay away until after lunchtime on the Saturday.