Tree Of Life Turns One

On Sunday we celebrated Tree Of Life's first birthday with a celebration with our family from Church of Love & Grace and it was a blessing to have Shaddie & Lisa with us from Simon's Bay Christian Church.

It was a great time of worshiping together but it was also a humbling time for us as Dean was appointed as lead elder of the church.  We really feel humbled and privileged to be tasked with this role and we're very excited about where God is leading us and what he is doing.

It's very humbling to have been asked to lead Tree Of Life and even more so to know that a year on the members of the church want Dean to lead it. It's a role Dean has desired for a while and it's fantastic when God gives us the desires of our heart. "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this." Psalm 37:4-5

Now it's time to get the sleeves rolled up and get our hands dirty for the kingdom.

Back To School

It's back to school for the boys as the school year began this morning.

We can't quite believe it but Joel is going into Year 5 and Eli into Year 3. Our babies are definitley no longer babies.

We're really excited for them for the coming year as they've both got good teachers with both of them being commited Christians.

After Joel's awful year this year he's got a teacher who's already seen him at his best and likes him. Eli is going into a class with a teacher we've known for some years now and Joel had a great time with.

Let the adventures begin.
When mum and Joel decided that they were going to go and see The Hobbit at the cinema we asked Eli what he would really like to spend the morning doing.  With no hesitation he answered that he would like to make something!

So dad and Eli spent the morning going to the salvage yard, buying some wood for R5, coming home and getting out the hammers, nails and power tools - heaven for Eli!  He quickly decided that he was going to make a table and chairs for his two Build a Bears formerly known as Ron and Jackie after some lovely friends of ours in the UK and now (apparently) known as Ron and Harry seeing as one of them is ginger - therefore Ron Weasley - and the other must therefore be HP himself!!

A very happy morning was spent banging, cutting, sawing etc and Eli put all his creative juices into action.  We have his godfather John Foot to thank for all of Eli's DIY creativity, ever since a very exciting and special afternoon with him in his work shed one cold Saturday in England several years ago now Eli has never been the same and often complains that his toys are lame and that he would really like to make something!!

So as you can see, the table and chairs now has pride of place next to our own and Eli is a happy bunny!

Ernest - RIP

I just heard the sad news that my friend Ernest died this morning. Ernest had been battling after a number of strokes and had his sixth major stroke just a couple of weeks ago. Sadly in the last day or so he took a turn for the worst and passed away this morning.

Thankfully Ernest was saved so we can rejoice in that. Also, he has the biggest family I have ever known and they've been amazing in supporting him, caring for him and loving him.

Ernest will be well and truly missed by his amazing wife, great kids and the many many grandkids and great grandchildren.

RIP my friend!

I miss you already!