It is not and never has been my intention to lecture anyone on making changes in their lives, personal and physical changes are often an effort of immense self control and discipline, whilst spiritual or faith based changes are an effort of immense prayer and faith. Both are good and to be celebrated, especially the latter when we can give glory to God for new things and seasons.

Exactly a year ago I found myself in a position of having to make some serious physical changes based on my health, though the changes would also require a lot of faith and prayer.

I was out with my peeps for a meal and found myself in a position where I simply couldn't swallow any of my food and each time I tried to wash a mouthful down with a little water I would regurgitate it. I ended up leaving the restaurant and struggling back home on my own, and it took about 30 minutes for the bit of food that had lodged in my esophagus to finally clear. This was the climax of a problem that had started some 10+ years previously but which I had at best laughed off and at worst just ignored.