Settling In

We've been very busy over the last few days sorting out furniture for the house. In the midst of this our freight arrived Praise God!! so we're feeling very homely right now. Joel has been really excited to see so many of his toys as well as other familiar items from 'home'. He became very excited when he saw his swing in the front garden and now trying to get out without him seeing it is quite a trick! The house feels good and we're looking forward to hosting our first visitors on Friday evening (Dean's new boss). 

We've missed a huge chunk of what happened in our final few days in the UK but this should bring you up to date with what's happened since...

We're safe and well and finally settling into our home here in South Africa.  Our first week has been quite stressful, however, we have now completed our dealings with immigration and now have to wait 30 days for our visas.  It only took 4 visits (an hour each way), 1 desperate call to Crosslinks (Brilliant as always!!) and endless form filling! but we appear to have jumped through each hoop successfully.

Commissioning Service

Sunday 11th July '04

Commissioning Service

We had our commissioning service at St. George's Weald this morning. It was great to see some good friends again whilst getting ready for our departure on Thursday. Joel coped admirably with a sea of people wanting to entertain him (or be entertained by him!) and we struggled as we said goodbye to so many friend whom we'll not see again for at least 3 years. Saying goodbye never gets any easier!

Welcome To Our Blog!

We're going to try and keep a running Blog whilst we're in South Africa, keeping you up to date with our thoughts, feelings and latest happenings, we'll also keep you posted with news about Joel.

We will also include information about the work we are doing sharing the joys, troubles and answers to prayer.

Enough waffle, you'll get the idea as we go along.