Watching the news and reading around the various news websites it's impossible just now to ignore the frenzy around immigration. Being British I naturally lean towards the British news agencies and am generally appalled by the likes of Sky News and the seemingly endless rounds of negative reports on immigrants, be they legal or otherwise.

Britain is not unique in the challenges it faces but it does stand out in the 21st century as being a bit peculiar in so far as it was once the hub of a massive empire (that's a rant for another day) and as such migration towards it, and London in particular is a very real issue.  The police service, education and the NHS recognise that many of their resources are being stretched as they're having to divert resources to interpretation as many immigrants can't speak sufficiently competent English.

I wasn't going to join in with this but I'm going to have a rant about immigration on Blog Action Day because I'm sick of the ignorance surrounding the issue and sick of the blatantly racist views expressed by many who haven't got a clue what they're talking about.

As a taster, I'll leave you with a question to consider before the day:

Have you ever been an immigrant and if so how did it feel?

If you've never migrated (immigration or emmigration) then you need to stop and do some long hard thinking before you jump on the anti-immigration bandwagon.

Roll on the 16th.