The Cape Doctor or Southeaster as it's also known is our summer wind which can blow quite strongly. However the last 24 - 48 hours have been the strongest Southeaster we can remember.

Take a look at this pic of our trampoline which was picked up by a single gust and thrown about six metres through the air onto our gazebo frame and garden table. The gazebo frame had already been damaged by the wind so just in case there was any doubt about it the good doctor totalled it with the trampoline.

Poor Rosie is petrified and desperately looking for shelter from the wind. In fact it's got so bad for her we've had to let her sleep inside. It's supposed to die down tomorrow so hopefully it will and we can get on with clearing up the garden and get back to normal .

School Awards

Today we had the privilege of attending the boys' school awards ceremony, held at the Somerset West library.

It was a great time and we were very proud of our boys!

Eli's class teacher commended Eli for "Never backing down or saying no to a challenge". She has certainly got the measure of our boy!

Joel got an extra certificate for his "Diligence and hard work in guitar". In fact Joel's guitar teacher has been so impressed with his progress this year that he has been invited to play to the old folks on Friday when the school choir go to entertain them.

Regardless of what awards or prizes they did or didn't receive we're tremendously proud of our boys! They've both overcome some major challenges this year and have done themselves and us proud.

Joel and Eli are our pride and joy!

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Oh Dear!

Our afternoon of donation sorting turned into an afternoon of mixed blessings.

We ended up with three boxes and a bin bag full of crap which will be going to the landfill. Happily though we've ended up with a couple of boxes and a few bags of decent toys and clothing which will be a real blessing when we take them into Macassar and Chris Nissen in the next few days.

To see some of the crap that was donated was truly depressing and we find it incredible that anyone could 'donate' such horrible stuff to others. Add into that the fact that this is Christians, who have been abundantly blessed by God, passing on complete and utter garbage is simply mind blowing. We can't help but feel some churches need to do some very basic teaching on giving. Jesus' words in Luke 6:38 spring to mind "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

See below for more photos. We've split them into two groups; stuff we like and stuff we don't. Guess which is which.

We love this time of year!

Why? Because the number of donations we get locally increase exponentially and we're able to bless folk in Macassar, Chris Nissen, Broadlands and sometimes beyond that.

We've spent quite a bit of time sorting through donations over the last couple of weeks and it looks like we'll have a bit more sorting to do yet.

We have a simple rule for those that want to donate, we ask the question "Is this something you would like to receive?" If the answer is yes bring it on. If the answer is no stick it in the bin! Just because this stuff is going to the less well off doesn't mean it shouldn't be of a high quality.  Thankfully this stuff mostly comes from other local churches so we know it's going to be good.

In the last donation someone put in two sets of LED Christmas lights and after checking they work we were thrilled to be able to pass them on. Now they really will make a difference to someone's Christmas!

Bell's Palsy

I thought I might be having a mild stroke this morning but on googling "am i having a stroke?" and reading around the symptoms it became clear that I wasn't so off I went with my plans for the morning. As time went by I realised that something was definitely wrong as my mouth felt like I was recovering from an injection at the dentist and my right eye was blinking slowly as it felt like it was compensating for my left eye being lazy. Throw in a bit of a numb tongue and it all adds up to a rather unpleasant feeling.

After lunch Paula dropped me off at the local chemist to see the resident nurse who checked my blood pressure, pulse and cholesterol and found all were raised. She recommended I see our GP so after a quick phone call it was off to see our amazing Dr.

Dr Joanna quickly diagnosed Bell's Palsy. Thankfully I seem to have quite a mild dose of it, I can still raise my eyebrow and close my eye.

Please pray for healing and that it won't deteriorate.

This is not fun but at least I'm in good company with the likes of George Clooney who also had this once. Hey, maybe my looks will improve afterwards too?! I'm off to bed now as I'm exhausted and the beauty sleep won't hurt.

This week one of our members exhorted us in Home Group to not despise the little things in life and to sow graciously and with a grateful heart no matter how small we think our seed is because God blesses and rewards our small acts of faith.

The group of ladies who meet together on a Thursday morning to chat, pray and read the Bible have been earnestly saving up R20 each in the last few weeks to put towards going out for breakfast at the Spur – a little pre-Christmas social and treat. The day dawned today and we arrived feeling very excited at the prospect of our usual fun and fellowship but this time over coffee and breakfast! As each lady slipped their R20 to me as the breakfast began you could tell that this was sacrificially done and I admit to feeling a bit emotional about it. Ten minutes later I noticed that the man sat in the booth in front of us kept turning round and staring at me; for a minute I wondered if I was supposed to know him and I racked my brains wondering and getting nowhere. A few moments later he stood up, came to our table and apologised for disturbing us before saying that he felt God telling him that he must pay for our breakfasts, was that alright! Well, we immediately said yes and he went to sit down again. Little could he know just how much he had blessed us!!!

Just before he left a little while later he came back again and thanked US for the blessing. As we left later on the waitress came to ask me what had happened there and did we know the man and I had an opportunity to witness to her and explain to her about God's goodness and blessing.

Wow, thank you Lord, we are blessed beyond measure! 

Now the 'fighting' begins about who is going to testify to that incident on Sunday!!


Further to my rant below about the census taken last year here in South Africa I came across this today.

Initially I thought it had to be the work of some mischief maker getting busy with Photoshop but on visiting the official website I downloaded the original and it is indeed free of any Photoshop jiggery pokery.

Look more closely at sum number 3 and see if you can work out the right answer.