The Cape Doctor or Southeaster as it's also known is our summer wind which can blow quite strongly. However the last 24 - 48 hours have been the strongest Southeaster we can remember.

Take a look at this pic of our trampoline which was picked up by a single gust and thrown about six metres through the air onto our gazebo frame and garden table. The gazebo frame had already been damaged by the wind so just in case there was any doubt about it the good doctor totalled it with the trampoline.

Poor Rosie is petrified and desperately looking for shelter from the wind. In fact it's got so bad for her we've had to let her sleep inside. It's supposed to die down tomorrow so hopefully it will and we can get on with clearing up the garden and get back to normal .

News 24 have a slideshow of some of the damage to have been caused by the wind in Cape Town.


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