The week the Bell's Palsy struck was a very unpleasant week as I thought I might be having a mild stroke. Thankfully that turned out not to be the case but rather it was the palsy.

Having done as much research as I could really be bothered to I was amazed that none of the articles talked about the pain and discomfort involved, most just seemed to take a fairly lighthearted "get over it" attitude.

I was left exhausted and in a lot of discomfort in the first week and the pain hasn't fully gone yet.

During that first week Gerrit & Sharon popped over and Sharon said I should prepare a word for Sunday and not give into the palsy. I was feeling too sorry for myself so asked Chris to stand in for me.

On Sunday, Chris then asked me to read a scripture but I refused, then after a moment or two decided to read it. Paula felt very strongly at that point that God was telling me to declare the name of Jesus if I wanted to be healed.

I had been really hoping for healing on that Sunday, but on reflection I was being disobedient to God and uncooperative with the Holy Spirit. So really how could I expect God to bless me with healing?

I hadn't realised at the time that Sharon was clearly being prophetic and I should have been obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

So a week later and with no real improvement in my condition I decided to preach as planned and believe God for his healing.  Amazingly I was able to speak clearly and by the time I got home on Sunday my face was 80% healed.  God is awesome!

I've still got a little way to go for the full healing but I'm really believing God is going to do it very soon, it's just a case of me being obedient and cooperative with the Spirit.

It's incredible how as parents we expect our children to be obedient and cooperative and yet as children of God ourselves we so often fail to act towards God as we expect our children to act towards us.

I'm definitely guilty!


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