One of the great things about leading a church is getting to decide what is and isn't important in the life of the church.

One thing I've always believed strongly in but rarely seen modeled is leaders praying together. I've seen leaders all consumed with the business of leading but rarely seen leaders praying for the sake of praying.

I realise business is important but prayer is way more important than the mundane!

As Tree Of Life Church began I got the leaders together once a month to pray, so for an hour the six of us would just pray. No business, just a quick cup of tea and time on our knees.

Over the last month or two this has increased to twice a month and now we all want to be doing it every week. personally I'm thrilled by this because I want the church to be known as a praying church but the only way the church will get good and faithful at praying is if it's modeled by the leadership. If the church knows the leaders are praying, they are far more likely to join in.

The added bonus of this is that as a team of leaders we're also becoming very good friends and a team you know you can depend upon.

What a pleasure to be leading a team with guys who 
are excited again about church and their faith! 

Look out Macassar!

This morning I had the privilege of going into school with Eli's unicycle so that he could demonstrate how to ride it to his classmates for show & tell.

I get a real thrill out of seeing Eli riding his uni' but to see him ride it with a crowd really made my heart glow. It was great to hear Eli's classmates heaping praise and compliments on him, I think my favourite was hearing one of the lads telling the teacher "He makes it look so easy!".

I can't lie, it was also great to see Eli being lauded as being "Very cool!". Even the high school pupils that saw him were very impressed and a few of the teaching staff came out to marvel at him.

The situation at the Lonmin Marikana platinum mine in South Africa has just hit the international news wires because of the slaughter of at least 30 people by the police.

Sadly it takes such an act for the story to become newsworthy.

Locally we've been following the story for some time on hte local news. It's a desperate situation and at times very ugly. The trade unions don't come out of this story at all well but after yesterday's events the police are mired in an awful stench.

It seems the miners brought knives to a gunfight.

Watching the scenes on TV one would have thought it was a newsreel from the dark days of apartheid but sadly this is the free, democratic rainbow nation doing this to itself.

The BBC News website has an 'In Pictures' feature on the incident and looking at the police they certainly arrived prepared for what they did.

Today there are families missing husbands, fathers and breadwinners, spare a thought and a prayer for them, they didn't deserve this.

A truly dark day in SA's history!

Late this afternoon were playing about in the garage and used Paula's camera to record some unicycling. We put it on 'Miniature Effect' mode and this was the result. all that was needed was some classic music!

So here you have it, in the spirit of Benny Hill, less the sauce!

Conspicuous In Our Absence

If we were writing this post a year ago, our conspicuous absence from the blog would have been because we felt unable to speak of the things that were going on.

Thankfully we've moved on from then and the simple reason for our conspicuous absence has been the sheer amount of stuff going on and not being able to keep up with it all.

Our last proper post was about our outreach back in June and here we are in August about to do another outreach this coming Saturday.

In between these two events we've experienced some truly amazing stuff at church as well as being involved in the lives of some of our members in ways that we can only count as a privilege.

Rather than try to recount much of what has gone on lately we'll just leave you with a snippet from this Sunday.... We continue to enjoy Tree Of Life and are so grateful to God for his amazing grace and blessings. We are slowly beginning to grow in numbers which is exciting but even more exciting is seeing guys growing in their faith and moving out into new things. This Sunday one of our quietest guys shared testimony about what God is doing in his life and we were all left amazed and thrilled by God's goodness! We had our first salvation which was thrilling and Dean was especially pleased having given a clear gospel presentation during his sermon. It's great to know God can use any one of us.

Life outside of church continues to be a bit hectic with full on social lives for the boys and us doing much running around to facilitate it all. We're all well and enjoying life and the challenges we face and simply have to thank God for his goodness.!


Some great news for Joel..

He's just participated in the local Eisteddfod again and improved on last year's showing by getting Cum Laude for his prepared reading.

Joel chose to read two pages from The boy In The Dress by David Walliams and really went to town on his characterisation. Even the judges commented on this and the humour he managed to convey.

We are so proud of him!

Eli Unicycling

Despite our absence from the blog we're well and really enjoying life, especially Tree Of Life Church but we're also really busy which probably explains the absence.

So here's a bit of fun to keep you going until we manage to post something over the weekend.

Enjoy Eli's latest exploits...