Conspicuous In Our Absence

If we were writing this post a year ago, our conspicuous absence from the blog would have been because we felt unable to speak of the things that were going on.

Thankfully we've moved on from then and the simple reason for our conspicuous absence has been the sheer amount of stuff going on and not being able to keep up with it all.

Our last proper post was about our outreach back in June and here we are in August about to do another outreach this coming Saturday.

In between these two events we've experienced some truly amazing stuff at church as well as being involved in the lives of some of our members in ways that we can only count as a privilege.

Rather than try to recount much of what has gone on lately we'll just leave you with a snippet from this Sunday.... We continue to enjoy Tree Of Life and are so grateful to God for his amazing grace and blessings. We are slowly beginning to grow in numbers which is exciting but even more exciting is seeing guys growing in their faith and moving out into new things. This Sunday one of our quietest guys shared testimony about what God is doing in his life and we were all left amazed and thrilled by God's goodness! We had our first salvation which was thrilling and Dean was especially pleased having given a clear gospel presentation during his sermon. It's great to know God can use any one of us.

Life outside of church continues to be a bit hectic with full on social lives for the boys and us doing much running around to facilitate it all. We're all well and enjoying life and the challenges we face and simply have to thank God for his goodness.!

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  1. This is great, great news -thanks be to God. I have been keeping you all in prayer and will continue to do so! Blessings!


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