Catch Up

Life has been pretty hectic since our return from Bloemfontein. We celebrated Joel's 2nd birthday a couple of days late (we missed it whilst we were in Bloem) but he more than made up for it. He got a kiddies tent which he loves playing in. We gave him a toy microwave with lights and stuff which he enjoys and he was given a Barney DVD which he is glued to when he's allowed to watch the tv.

Photos Of Zim Friends

Below is a selection of photographs taken over the weekend at the NFI leaders conference in Bloemfontein.

The photos are of friends from Zimbabwe whom we haven't seen since our departure in 2003. Some of these friends are still faithfully plugging away in Zimbabwe and a few have moved to Jo'burg to be a part of a new church plant there called God First.

Travelling Across SA

We have had quite a monumental weekend which began with us setting off on Thursday morning for an 8 hour drive up to Colesberg where we were staying overnight before driving the final couple of hours up to Bloemfontein for the NFI Southern African annual leaders conference. We thank God that we enjoyed great safety on the road in both directions, despite seeing some absolutely classic driving! However, it was extremely uncomfortable on Thursday in particular driving that far in the heat of the day (40's) with no air con!

Getting Ready

This past week has been really hectic as we prepare to drive to Bloemfontein for the NFI Africa leaders conference. We've been quite stressed about the childcare arrangements or lack of them and after much discussion and negotiation have decided to leave Joel behind with some good friends. This is better in many ways as he won't have to endure the 10 hour drive (Bloem is just over 1000km's) and we'll be able to attend all the sessions without having to worry about him. Sadly however, we will miss his 2nd birthday on Saturday and needless to say feel quite gutted about this and just a little guilty! We'll have to make it up to him when we return on Monday.

Bible Study Outing

Dean had a good morning with his Bible Study group, he and John (an FYP) took them to the local shopping mall for coffee and muffins. Unfortunately it was simply too cold to go to the beach (we won't get too much sympathy from you we know) as it had been raining overnight and was still overcast this morning. Patrick is struggling with the cold due to the lack of circulation in his leg which is looking very serious now. Dean will be taking Patrick to the Dr's again on Friday afternoon. Michael was amazed by the mall having never been there before, he loved gazing into the shop windows to see what they were selling.

Prayer Items

Joel is recovering well from his recent bout of tonsillitus. His appetite and character are returning, thank goodness, and we are enjoying having our boy back again! It is nearly his birthday, just 10 days to go, and we are busy planning a little party for him with his friends! We are also off to the NFI Africa leaders conference in Bloemfontein with Joel from 17-21 March. We would really appreciate your prayers for safe travel (about 10 hours each way!) and that Joel doesn't get too tetchy in the car. He isn't at all used to long journeys.


Joel @ Cape Town Aquarium. Joel really enjoys his time in the aquarium and it has certainly been worth our while becoming members. We often pop in for the morning on Saturdays and Joel really rewards us and the staff with his interest in the fish and his antics.

Under The Weather

Today we said 'farewell' to Nick, Julia & Becca as they returned to the UK having spent two weeks with us here in Somerset West. It's always a privilege to host folk form home but even more so when we are able to introduce them to CNP and the people there. Nick & Julia were able to spend some quality time with various residents of the community and we know this was a blessing to them. Thanks for coming Guys, we really appreciate you taking time out to be with us and to spend time with our friends in CNP!

Joel & Becca

Joel & Becca at Little Impis.