Joel mesmerised by the waves crashing onto the beach in Plett.


Joel lounging by a boat. As the lagoon was so shallow we were able to wade up to many of the small fishing boats which Joel thought was great.

Judy's House

Judy's house in Plett. This is where we stayed for 2 weeks, our bedroom was the one with the balcony. The house was stunning!

Plett Lagoon

Joel and dad at Plett lagoon. This was Joel's favourite bit of beach as there was no tide and the water was very shallow.


Walking on the beach with mum.


On the seesaw with mum. Not sure who enjoyed it the most!


Joel watching the elephants at Knysna Elephant Park. Joel was able to feed the elephants and really enjoyed getting this close.


The view from our bedroom balcony in Plettenberg Bay


We've been back home for a week now having spent 2 fabulous weeks in Plettenberg Bay on a family holiday. Despite traveling through one of the worst storms the Cape has seen for years (roads collapsing and parts of the country losing 10 years worth of top soil, for example!), we managed to arrive relatively unscathed with a new pair of windscreen wipers, having driven for 8 km in driving rain without any - not to be recommended!

Getting Ready

Forgive our lack of communication since our last Blog, life has been hectic and will continue to be so until Monday when we set off on a 5 -6 hour drive for two weeks by the beach. That's Monday, before then we've got so much to do.

Last weekend we had Joel's birthday party at a little indoor play centre. Joel had about 8 friends there and they all had a ball. It was great too for the parents as we could sit and chat over coffee whilst the kids ran themselves ragged in a totally safe environment. We'll be back there again!

Catch Up

Life has been pretty hectic since our return from Bloemfontein. We celebrated Joel's 2nd birthday a couple of days late (we missed it whilst we were in Bloem) but he more than made up for it. He got a kiddies tent which he loves playing in. We gave him a toy microwave with lights and stuff which he enjoys and he was given a Barney DVD which he is glued to when he's allowed to watch the tv.