Catch Up

Life has been pretty hectic since our return from Bloemfontein. We celebrated Joel's 2nd birthday a couple of days late (we missed it whilst we were in Bloem) but he more than made up for it. He got a kiddies tent which he loves playing in. We gave him a toy microwave with lights and stuff which he enjoys and he was given a Barney DVD which he is glued to when he's allowed to watch the tv.

In the midst of this Dean had a monster headache caused by the neck muscles tightening and spasming. The Doc reckoned this was stress related from the 10 hour drive. We won;t do that again in one hit! One of the side effects of the drugs he took was a whole night spent vomiting - nice! Dean now has a bad bout of the runs and can't venture too far from the toilet!

The season has definitely changed in the last few days with the evenings being quite cool and the days only getting upto the mid 20's. We've had to get the quilt out and Paula had to but some slippers.

On Saturday Joel is having his birthday party at 'Little Impi's' which is an indoor play ground for kids his age and he'll have 8 or 9 little friends to play with.


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