Almost 100%

We're both getting stronger and putting the worst of the illnesses behind us. Dean definitely suffered a bit worst than Paula, but Paula was still very unwell. We are so grateful to Felicity for taking Joel off our hands on Wednesday, there's no way we could have got through the day without her support. Dean said his tummy felt like the roundworm he had in Tanzania whilst the diarrhea was like his Shigela dysentery he had in Zimbabwe, sounds nice doesn't it!

Dean did a bit of work this morning and went to support the Chris Nissen crowd in court. This was all a bit messy as Dina's husband was charged with assault against one of Patrick's grandchildren, and Dean is friendly with both parties. Unfortunately, Dean wasn't able to stay for the proceedings as Donovan's case was delayed, so we don't know the outcome yet but the judge was definitely a bit quick to dish out jail terms (more on that in a moment).

Whilst at the court, Dina informed Dean that Gert had died on Tuesday night, whilst far from unexpected it is still sad that nothing could be done to help him. This takes the total number of deaths in the community to about 20 so far this year. Given that CNP is a small community of about 1000 people this is a significant number of deaths.

More about that judge... Whilst in the court, Dean observed one case in which a young man had been caught shoplifting the day before. The man stole two chocolate bars worth R20 (£1.80), he pleaded guilty, apologised to the court and this was his first offence. The judge took these facts into account and sentenced the man to a R200 fine (£18) or 10 days in prison. As the man is unemployed with no means to pay, he was immediately taken into custody! Dean was gobsmacked! We're not condoning crime but have to say that the punishment was far in excess of the crime. No wonder South Africa's prisons are desperately overcrowded. The nonsense of this situation is that it will cost the state way more than R200 to accommodate this man for 10 days. What a crazy situation.

Spiloxene Capensis

Recently we posted a photo of a stunning flower but didn't know the name of it. Well we now know that its proper name is 'Spiloxene Capensis' also known as the 'Painted Peacock Flower', it is classified as a weed (remarkable!) but we think it has to be one of the most beautiful weeds on the planet.

Canon 300D

We found the following information to accompany the above picture:
"Spectacular & rare in cultivation, this native of the South African Cape is easily grown! The flowers are big, 3.5” to 4” across & are bright white or yellow, usually with a large, iridescent, blue-black center. To 12” tall, each stalk bears a single flower. The older the plant, the more flowering stalks & if happy, it will reseed, too. Bloom season is Feb. - April. And like most Cape bulbs, no Summer water after it finishes blooming. Growth & watering begin again in Fall. Deciduous."

Courtesy of Annie's Annuals

Prayer Amongst The Pints

We received this from one of our supporting churches during the week and thought it was a great example of how some churches are trying to meet people where they're at rather than always expecting people to come to the church.

Bollington Pub Appoints a Chaplain and Holds Harvest Service in the Bar

While some churchmen rail from the pulpit against the evils of licensing laws, Reverend John Buckley, Priest In-Charge at St Christophers’ C of E Church Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, is happy to take up the challenge of reaching out to the community and take Christianity to pub goers. He has been appointed Chaplin of the Church House Inn Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

The pub, which hit the headlines last month when it was taken over by a consortium of local residents, will mark the Reverend Buckley’s appointment by holding a Harvest Service and Supper in the bar on Sunday 2nd October 2005 at 6:30pm.

A spokesman for the Church House Inn said: "We welcome John to the Church House and hope that his time in our pub is as rewarding for him as it will be for our staff and customers. Having a Pub Chaplain is not about preaching it is simply an extension of our community involvement.” We see the pub as being the hub of the community and we want to try to make a difference to local people. The church across the road closed down last year so we have asked John to be here for people and to hold the occasional service.
”The idea is to provide a friendly face people can talk to about their problems if they want to or have a general conversation."

Rev John Buckley said: "I’m delighted to have been asked and I am looking forward to some interesting conversations even if some customers may be surprised to see me here. I hope that many people will join us for our first service of blessing and thanksgiving on Sunday 2nd October”.

The Service will start at 6:30pm and is free to everyone. It will be followed by a hot pot supper at 7:00pm priced £5.00.
For more details contact: The Church House Inn. Church StreetBollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 5PY Telephone: 01625 574014,
Visit the website: The Church House Inn

Revd John Buckley holding harvest wheat sheaf donated by Bellfields Bakers and Church House Inn barmaid Jo Stranks (18yrs) from Kerridge

Church House barstaff Nicky Bailey (20yrs) from Bollington, Jo Stranks (18yrs) from Kerridge, Licencee Ian King and Revd John Buckley holding harvest wheat sheaf donated by Bellfields Bakers outside the Church House Inn, Bollington


We have both been really sick for the past 48 hours with some sort of a virus.  Unfortunately, it led to Dean vomiting up blood all of last night and we are both wiped out from this and lack of sleep.  We have a very wonderful friend however, who, on hearing this, came and washed our dishes, picked up Joel and took him home to her place to play with her 2 year old son for the day.  This was absolutely fantastic, allowing us to sleep for the day and try to recuperate.  In 14 years of marriage, we have never been so sick at the same time.  There was no way we would have been able to look after Joel today, so thank God for friends!  We are both feeling a little better tonight- weak but not as sick.
Unfortunately, Paula drove down to CNP last night (feeling worse for wear) to lead the memorial service for Anna and it had been postponed.  At first she was quite annoyed about this, but it meant that she and Dina could help Aunty Blaby (Anna's mum) to make all the practical arrangements with the funeral directors for Saturday's funeral.  The memorial service will now be next Tuesday night!  What started as quite a tense situation with Aunty Blaby turned in to her putting her arm on Paula's shoulders and gently stroking her head whilst the negotiations were going on - she must like her now!!


I eventually found out yesterday (Monday), after much phoning around, what had happened to Gert. It turns out that he was discharged on Friday shortly after arriving at hospital. He had 2 X-rays taken and was given a letter of referral to Ikhwezi clinic (where he'd been on Friday morning!) and then left to get himself home. So that's why the hospital couldn't trace him on Friday evening. Yesterday afternoon in CNP we managed to piece the whole story together. Gert had no means of getting home after being discharged and certainly couldn't walk, so he spent 2 nights sleeping in the hospital car park and spent the daytimes in the waiting room. Luckily, a lady from CNP attended the hospital on Sunday evening and whilst there bumped into Gert and brought him home.

This is an outrageous story but sadly a true one! Sadly it's not an uncommon story for folk in Chris Nissen. In fact, the ambulance had been called into CNP on Thursday for Gert but never arrived.


Friday was a busy day for Dean starting with his first clinic visit at 7.15, followed by a second clinic 15 minutes later. It’s quite disconcerting having a car load of sick people when 2 are coughing and wheezing with TB, not a totally pleasant experience! Gert was taken to the hospital by ambulance from the clinic which is what was needed all along. The ambulance was called for him on Thursday, but as so often happens, they refused to attend – can you believe it! More on Gert in a minute. Danny was given some new drugs and returned home, I’ve yet to find out if he had a CD4 count blood test which is what I advised him to ask for, but hopefully he did. Aunty Kuku was the focus of my second clinic trip and she was diagnosed as being diabetic, on top of having had a minor stroke mid week. Understandably, she’s quite afraid of what this means as she watched her husband lose both legs to diabetes related problems. Please pray for these folk, pray for physical healing but also that they might come to know Jesus personally.

I saw Gert at the clinic before the ambulance took him to the hospital and promised I would visit that night to take him some food. I went to the hospital as promised, but the reception could find on trace of him. I then enquired at the emergency room but again there was no trace of him. This morning I rang the hospital and the only way they could trace him was via the ambulance records as it turns out that he was discharged the same day! This is SO frustrating as time and again folk from CNP are treated this way. I’m not a medical person, but I know full well that Gert needs some serious treatment and won’t receive it in the community. No doubt they also made him walk home as the hospital never offers any form of transport. This makes me so angry!

Dean had Joel on his own on Saturday as Paula attended the
Willow Creek women’s conference in Cape Town. The conference was entitled ‘Breathe’ and a good time was had by those that attended. The key speaker was Lynne Hybels (wife of Bill Hybels) who was incredibly ‘real’ and an excellent thought provoker. So whilst Paula was there, Dean & Joel had fun at home and in the Nature Reserve.

Joel talking to a trotoise in Helderberg Nature Reserve. Joel really enjoys our visits to the nature reserve and Saturday was no exception.
Joel & Tortoise
Coolpix S2

After returning home we spent some time in the garden, as you can see Joel enjoys his swing.
Cool dude
Canon 300D

Palace Result

Palace survived potential embarrassment on Saturday by scoring late into injury time to rescue a point against 9 man Preston! Once again Palace were statistically superior to the oppostition but as ever it's what you do with your chances that count.

Click below for:
Match Report

Following Palace's win over Coventry in the 2nd round of the 'Whatever it's called this year cup' we have drawn Liverpool at home in the 3rd round. All ties will be played in the week commencing 24th October.

Next fixture: Tuesday 27th Sept at home against Sheffield Wednesday

Bible Study

Dean had an excellent small group this morning with 8 men attending which was a first. They all said they enjoyed the study (we were looking at Samuel) and said they would come again next week, so that's really exciting. To think that just a few months ago I was struggling to get 2 regulars to commit! The three new guys this week were Danny (Anna 'Bop's' partner) Trevor & Willem (see photo below). The group want to continue our season of Character Studies so we will carry on with that and include some New Testament characters in the coming term.

Whilst the group was meeting Michael received a letter from the municipality telling him that his water supply will be cut off in seven days unless he pays the outstanding bill of R8799 (about £750), the bill is actually his father's as it is his house. Unfortunately Douglas (Michael's dad) has a tendency to turn taps on and leave them running for 24hours, which is totally irresponsible, but that's one of the drawbacks of being constantly drunk. This has left Michael & Joyce in a really difficult position, but hopefully they will go to the municipality and sort out a payment plan to avert the cut off. This is a classic example of the hardships the flok in CNP face on a daily basis.

Yesterday Dean visited a number of sick folk and consequently will be taking a number of them to the clinic tomorrow (Friday) at 7.30am. One of the people is a Rasta' called Gert who has really bad TB and can barely move. Unfortunately his house stinks and so no-one wants to go in and see him. Hopefully the clinic will just refer him to the hospital where he could get the help he needs. Aunty Kuku (Patrick's wife) will also be going to the clinic as she has had a minor stroke which has left her struggling. Please pray for these folk, pray for healing and for care. As well as visiting the sick, Dean went to see Aunty Blaby and spent a while with her and the family talking about Anna. Aunty Blaby is such a quality lady! who does so much for others in the community. please pray that God would bless her, especially at this time when she is not only struggling with the death of her daughter, but is struggling with getting the money together to pay for a funeral. If the family can't raise the money, Anna will have a 'paupers' funeral which means the family will not be allowed to attend, this also causes difficulties with obtaining the death certificate which has major implications such as the children will receiving no financial assistance from the state.

From left to right: Peter, Cyril, Alfred, Trevor, Michael, James, Willem, Danny. In the foreground is our tea & coffee making paraphenalia, each week we take refreshments in for the group.
CNP Men's Bible Study Group
Coolpix S2

Palace Result

2nd round of the Carling Cup and Palace beat Coventry 1-0, not a bad result and definitely deserved (although I'd rather see Palace grind out such results in the league!). A decent cup run could be good for Palace even if it is only the 'whatever it's called this year' league cup.

Click here for:
Match Report

Next fixture: Sat 24th at home to Preston

Anna 'Bop'

During her visiting in CNP on Friday, Paula went to visit Anna 'Bop', a dear friend suffering from AIDS, who very recently became a Christian and who had been attending Paula's cell group on her stronger days.  Anna was really weak, but was battling courageously.  They prayed together and Paula gave her some baby porridge in the hope that she might be able to keep it down, as she wasn't able to eat anything.  Sadly Anna died on Monday morning.  Obviously, this has been a bitter blow for Anna's family and all her friends.  Death is never easy, even when you watch someone you love slowly deteriorate.  Tonight Paula went in to visit Anna's family.  She has a boyfriend, Danny, who also seems to be unwell and a wonderful mother called Aunty Blaby, who Paula has been getting to know over the past few months.  She is almost 65 and is a domestic worker for a white family living many km's away.  Anna also has 2 young children living in CNP and another living with their father's family.  Aunty Blaby has been the sole wage earner for the family for several years and despite this strain has been sacrificially walking to work and back and doing a hard day's labour for the sake of her family.  She has a wonderful sense of humour and we had several laughs tonight as we remembered things that Anna has said and done since her childhood! 
Please pray for this family.  It is another classic case of poverty.  Aunty Blaby wanted Anna to be buried by the State as the family has no money to pay for a funeral.  However, Dina has stepped in and said 'no', that they will try to raise the money instead because a death certificate will not be issued at a State funeral.  This is vital as, without a certificate, the State will not provide for the orphans.  We are therefore looking for R2500, a small fortune from a community that has very little.  The children are devastated by the loss of their mother.  Please pray that they will know comfort and peace.  Pray for Leonie, that she will also be completely healed from TB and for Claude (13), who is bravely trying to be the new 'man' of the family.  Both of the children also attend Sunday school at our church. Please also pray for Danny, who is sick, unemployed and, as far as we know, not yet a Christian.  Please also pray that we will be able to help Aunty Blaby to fill in the forms to start to claim a pension for herself and the State allowance for Leonie and Claude. 
On top of all this, the family have asked that Paula lead a memorial service for Anna next Tuesday night in her home.  This will be primarily for the family and for friends in CNP.  Obviously, she feels privileged to have been asked, but it is quite a nerve-wracking task.  Please pray that she will do the job sensitively and that God will give her the right words.  More than anything though, at yet another really sad time in CNP, we are rejoicing that Anna came to know Jesus just a couple of months ago and that she is now no longer suffering. 
Some of you may also remember Patrick's wife, Aunty Kuku.  She also suffered a slight stroke yesterday.  She is now out of hospital and back at home.  Please pray for her to have a swift recovery and as she still tries to come to terms with Patrick's death.

Prayer Letter

Our Autumn prayer letter is now available on the Crosslinks website, click HERE to view it.

You can also download it in Adobe format by clicking HERE.

Whilst there, why not have a look around the rest of the
Crosslinks website? It's well worth a visit!


Dean was in CNP early this morning (Monday) to take Vissy to the Dr's but unfortunately she didn't want to go (that is so annoying when you get out of bed an hour early!) but whilst he was talking to her, he heard that the lady across the street had just died. Anna Bop had been seriously ill for a while and Paula had visited a number of times. On Friday afternoon Dean took her some food and spoke to her partner about getting to the clinic. Apparently they had been and Anna was waiting for test results before being referred to the hospital, sadly she never made it. Anna's partner is also quite sick (we don't know his name), please pray that he will get his results and be referred to the local hospital in time for treatment.

On Friday afternoons we have a
SCAS Team come into Chris Nissen to play sports with the kids and to share the gospel in a relevant and exciting way. The team are all South African's and are cross cultural so have a good understanding of the needs and can speak a number of local languages between them. The kids love the attention in CNP and respond brilliantly to the input in their lives.

Hope you enjoy the photos below:
On the swings

Dancing with the kids


Andrea (Aunty Bovey) feeds the dogs and cats in CNP 3 or 4 times a week. Without her the dogs would be in a really bad way.

Jacque playing guitar, Jacque is Dina's youngest brother in law.
Slow hand

Palace Result

Not good news! Once again Palace play away from home and get beaten. As said before, whenever Palace come up against the 'big boys' in this league we slip up and Sat was no exception. Cardiff have established themselves as a good Championship side but we should be wiping the floor with such teams. Needless to say I'm not too chuffed about the result. Statistically, Palace had the better game, but unfortunately that counts for nothing!

Click below for:
Match Report

Next fixture: Tuesday 20th 8pm Palace vs Coventry (Carling Cup)


Dean's cell was cancelled yesterday morning as most of the members went to collect their grants, so he looked after Joel whilst Paula was leading her cell group. Dean & Joel had a fun morning watching a 'Scoop' in the fields opposite our house. Joel is really keen on 'Scoops' and tractors so he was in heaven watching this one for almost half an hour. After eventually dragging Joel away from Scoop Dean & Joel had a good walk in Radloff Park and spent some time throwing sticks into the river.
Walking in the park

WOW! Scoop!


Aletta is a faithful church member and a lovely lady who really does put the needs of others before her own. For a long time she has been preparing meals for sick and vulnerable people in the community with little or no help from anyone else. Basically, Aletta buys the food and cooks it at her own expense and then distributes it within CNP. Unfortunately Aletta's cooker broke down recently and she was unable to provide any meals for just over a month, which had a serious impact on a few folk in the community, particularly as the last month or two have been very cold and wet. Aletta searched for ages for a replacement cooker but simply couldn't afford one, so we approached Ukuthasa (a British charity working in South Africa) if they would consider helping with the replacement cost. Praise God! Ukuthasa gave R1500 and Aletta made up the balance to buy a brand new cooker (see the photo below). This has been such a blessing for Aletta and for those whom she cooks for. For us, this is the joy of doing what we do, to see someone's life imapcted positively for the gospel.
Aletta preparing food for the sick & vulnerable

Rock Star

Couldn't resist posting these photos after lunch. I went home as usual and as I was sorting out my camera for this afternoon, Joel picked up his guitar and 'pretended' to play it (he's only 2½ so can't play it properly), as you can see from his face he really enjoys playing.

"I'm gonna pick up my guitar and play,
just like yesterday" Won't Get Fooled Again. The Who, 1971

14 Years!

Today is our 14th (apparently that's Ivory) wedding anniversary! WOW! Marriage is such a brilliant thing, in Proverbs 18:22 it says: "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the LORD." 14 years of marriage certainly feel like favour from God.

Paula & Joel arrived home safe & sound, it is so good to have them home. Joel has clicked back into his routine and appears to be so happy to be home, he's smiling all the time and enjoying rediscovering all his toys. Whilst Joel was away, I bought him a guitar and he hates to be parted from it now and we're really looking forward to Sunday when he'll take it to church. It's so good to have normal service resumed, the house is cluttered with toys and is a complete mess, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Reasons We Love Africa

Always room for one more

Even when the engine's gone, Toyota's keep on going

What a bargain

Interesting road marking

Never seen that on the M25


This is in Westgate, Harare

Streetlight maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance

Palace Result

Palace played away at Reading last night and lost 3-2, oh dear! Selhurst Park is looking like a fortress this season but our away form is hopeless. This was a real test as Reading are expected to finish in the top half of the table and so far we've failed to take any points off the 'big boys' in the Championship. Promotion to the Premiership is unlikely unless something changes dramatically.

On a brighter note, AJ remains the top scorer in the league and Clinton Morrison is doing his best to catch up.

Click below for:
Match Report

Next game: Saturday 17th Sept, Cardiff away.
I said in an earlier post that I would try and find a church website in New Orleans with relevant prayer topics etc, but unfortunately I've not found one yet. However, I did come across the following article and photos on the BBC News website.

It's brilliant to know that the church is responding to the gospel by reaching out to those hit hardest by hurricane Katrina. In Galatians 2:10 Paul wrote: "All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do." The poor are dear to God and close to his heart and when the church acts to help the needy God is really happy. The following article should warm our hearts too.

The following article is ©BBC.
‘We’re from Jesus’
The Soul Patrol rolled into Bogalusa, Louisiana, ten days after Hurricane Katrina did.
They brought with them food, water and clothing.
Local residents assumed that they were from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
“Are you with Fema?” one woman asked.
“No, we’re with Jesus,” was the reply.

Homeless helpers
The dozen volunteers passing out aid were from Raven Outreach, an Evangelical Christian ministry.
Founded two years ago by Pastor Troy Bohn Raven aims to bring the gospel to Sin City itself – New Orleans.
Or it did until Katrina. Now the core of Raven Outreach is itself homeless, camped out in the garden of a friend 60miles away.

‘Can we pray for you?’
They are passing out more than just food and water.
Pastor Troy also asks, “Can we pray for you?” Most people say yes.
His passionate, high-speed prayers range over a wide variety of subjects, including speeding the work of electrical repairmen.
“Because the Lord God cares about that,” he says.

Pizza delivery
They have been on the go since the hurricane hit, Pastor Troy says.
They had taken refuge in Natches, Mississippi, so they started there and have been working their way around devastated communities, distributing food.
“In Natches, Domino’s made us as many pizzas as they could make and we passed them out to people in parking lots,” he says.

Friends have come to help, including Max Montano (left) and his wife Kimber come from Amarillo, Texas.
“I called some people and we had two to three truckloads of donations within a couple of hours. My living room started looking like a warehouse.”

‘Fell into place’
Troy Bohn’s brother Todd also works with Raven. Disaster relief was a natural outgrowth of the church’s mission, he says.
“This is our ministry already.
“We’ve always been feeding people, so it just kind of fell right into place with this tragedy that we knew we could do some good.”

‘People know best’
Many people in Bogalusa are powerfully affected by their meeting with Raven, including Gloria Avery, 44, who is left in tears.
After praying with her and embracing her, Troy Bohn slips a wad of cash into her hand.
“As God brings it into our hands, we’re going to let that stuff loose. How they use it, they know best many times.”

‘Part of the solution’
“We see a lot of people weeping but we bring hope to them through Jesus,” associate pastor Alex Hill says.
“It’s time to start focusing on the good. It’s blessed more to give than to receive.
“People give us donations and as much as they give us, we give out.
“We’re going to give. We’re going to be part of the solution.”

To find out more about RAVEN -the group featured in the above article- click here.

Scarey Photo

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Please check out the addition of the 'Blog Roll' below, especially Panda's Ponderings which is a great Blog.

Paula's younger sister, Jo, celebrated her 35th birthday this weekend so the family went out for a meal. As you can see from the photo below, there is a striking family resemblance between them all. The photo shows (left to right) Paula, Lisa, Dad & Jo

Dogs Chasing Kites

My weekend's been quite good so far (given that I've not managed a lay-in for 3 weeks, parenthood has definitely reprogrammed my body clock!), on Saturday morning I went to Hermanus on my own, the weather here at home was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky (maybe Spring has sprung?) but as I drove over Sir Lowry's Pass the fog (cloud) was really dense and once through that it was quite overcast. I arrived in Hermanus early morning and stayed for 3 hours and took 321 photographs (I've managed to whittle them down to 7 which are posted below). The whales were abundant but due to the weather and a 3-4 metre swell they weren't performing as much as they can. Thankfully as the morning wore on the weather improved and by 11am the whales were up to their usual tricks. At one point, 4 or 5 whales swimming together came within a few metres of the shore which was really cool! See photos below.

This afternoon I took my kite onto the fields in the park and had a laugh flying it. The South-easterly wind is back and is blowing at an average of 40kph so it was quite steady for the kite. The best trick with the kite is to traverse the horizon with it and let the dogs chase it, then just as they think they've got it you suddenly turn the kite the opposite way and traverse the horizon again. The dogs are so stupid they will chase the kite for ages getting totally exhausted. It amuses me anyway!

Tomorrow is Sunday which means it will be less than 24 hours before Paula & Joel will be home!!!
Tomorrow I'm having dinner with our pastor and his wife (Francois & Liz) which I'm really looking forward to. Francois is a fairly typical Afrikaner and has an odd sense of humour (displayed by his support of Charlton Pathetic), thankfully Liz is a Zimbo so she counter balances him perfectly! It should make for a very pleasant afternoon.

When I checked email this afternoon (I was actually checking the football scores - see below) I received one from a guy called Paul in Holland, he has a Blog called:
Panda's Ponderings and has put some stuff from our Blog onto his, which is cool! Please check out his Blog, it's very good.

Football Break:
Palace were playing at home this afternoon and chalked up another victory beating Hull 2-0.

Click below for:
Match Report

Next match: Reading away, Tuesday 13th Sept 8pm.

Hope you enjoy the photos below...

This is a Hyrax or Dassie, apparently the closest living relative to the elephants. They were in abundance on the rocks as I was waiting for the whales to start performing.
Is it really related to elephants?

As you can see the swell was quite large and the wind was blowing vigorously, unfortunately this puts the whales off.
Not for surfers!

Spyhopping is when a whale just pokes his head out of the water without actually breaching. Apparently whales have good eyesight out of the water.
What's going on here then?

I can count 4 definitely, but this group was bigger than that. They were only a few metres from where I was standing.
A lot of whales

A truly spectacular event! This one is quite far out but even so, it's still impressive.

Sailing, this is when the whale is upside down in the water just sticking its tail out.
Whale tail

Self explanatory this one.

Jemma & Freya

Paula had a visit from Jemma & Freya the other day, (Jemma is a friend from All Nations) Paula really enjoyed catching up with Jemma again and spending some time with Freya. Joel was a treasure and helped her with just about everything and then copied her when she was drinking her milk. The things that amuse 2 year olds!
Joel helping Freya

The photo below isn't very good but it shows Joel watching TV with India, his youngest cousin. It seems that they've really hit it off and are getting on really well which is great.
Cousins watching TV

Three Days To Go...

Paula & Joel are enjoying their last few days together in the UK, only 3 (and a bit) days to go and they'll be home!!!!
Paula & Joel met up with Julia & Rebecca earlier in the week and went out for lunch followed by the kids playing together. They all had a good day, as you can see from the photos.
Lunch in the Harvester

Rocking together

Paula & Joel with Jo (Paula's younger sister) at Penshurst Place.
With aunty Jo

Joel being cute at lunchtime.
Messing at lunchtime

Coffee & Cake

We (John & I) took the CNP Bible Study to the Spur in Gordon's Bay for coffee & cake this morning and had great fun. Afterwards we drove up to the viewing point by Steenbrass Dam, which offers amazing views of False Bay. Hope you enjoy the photos below.

The group in the Spur (left to right: Cyril, Alfred, Stuart -friend of John's from UK- John, James, Peter & Michael).
Cyril, Alfred, Stuart, John, James, Peter & Michael

Cyril getting to grips with the menu.
Which way up does this go?

Standing over False Bay. The weather was stunning but there were no whales in the bay.
At the viewing point above False Bay

A thieving baboon, this one had found a bottle and was determined to get into it.
Look at those teeth!

Another group shot