Friday was a busy day for Dean starting with his first clinic visit at 7.15, followed by a second clinic 15 minutes later. It’s quite disconcerting having a car load of sick people when 2 are coughing and wheezing with TB, not a totally pleasant experience! Gert was taken to the hospital by ambulance from the clinic which is what was needed all along. The ambulance was called for him on Thursday, but as so often happens, they refused to attend – can you believe it! More on Gert in a minute.

Danny was given some new drugs and returned home, I’ve yet to find out if he had a CD4 count blood test which is what I advised him to ask for, but hopefully he did. Aunty Kuku was the focus of my second clinic trip and she was diagnosed as being diabetic, on top of having had a minor stroke mid week. Understandably, she’s quite afraid of what this means as she watched her husband lose both legs to diabetes related problems. Please pray for these folk, pray for physical healing but also that they might come to know Jesus personally.

I saw Gert at the clinic before the ambulance took him to the hospital and promised I would visit that night to take him some food. I went to the hospital as promised, but the reception could find on trace of him. I then inquired at the emergency room but again there was no trace of him. This morning I rang the hospital and the only way they could trace him was via the ambulance records as it turns out that he was discharged the same day! This is SO frustrating as time and again folk from CNP are treated this way. I’m not a medical person, but I know full well that Gert needs some serious treatment and won’t receive it in the community. No doubt they also made him walk home as the hospital never offers any form of transport. This makes me so angry!

Joel & TortoiseDean had Joel on his own on Saturday as Paula attended the Willow Creek women’s conference in Cape Town. The conference was entitled ‘Breathe’ and a good time was had by those that attended. The key speaker was Lynne Hybels (wife of Bill Hybels) who was incredibly ‘real’ and an excellent thought provoker. So whilst Paula was there, Dean & Joel had fun at home and in the Nature Reserve.

Joel talking to a tortoise in Helderberg Nature Reserve. Joel really enjoys our visits to the nature reserve and Saturday was no exception.


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