We're off to a family friendly farm near Montagu in the morning for two weeks, so we'll be too busy having fun to worry about Blogging anything. Have fun whilst we're gone - we will! :)

IE Bug Fixed - For Now..

I was made aware that the new Blog template had a bug in Internet Explorer, basically the family photo embedded in the template was obstructed by the content wrapper, so I fiddled for a while last night trying to sort it out but had to concede that the only real answer to the problem was to switch to Firefox which is far superior anyway. However, some folk seem to fear change and cling onto IE regardless, so just for them I've spent a bit more time and fixed the bug. The template is now fixed, or at least it is in IE6, I presume it works in IE7 but if not you'll just have to use Firefox ;)

Family Fun

We had a great weekend with Joel's birthday party on Saturday morning and on Sunday afternoon we met up with some friends in the Nature Reserve for a picnic tea. Eli is a real fan of picnics as he gets to graze non-stop with everyone thinking he's really cute (which he is!) and he certainly knows how to play to his adoring fans.

Joel was pleased to be able to play with Natty and together they got themselves plastered in mud as only little boys can (sadly no photos). Eli tried to keep up with them both and put in a valiant effort, managing to get mud just about everywhere.

Eli knows how to get the most out of most things

Pondering what to do next...

About to go home, Eli looking really pleased with himself!

All boys should look like that after play!

Blog Relaunch

I've been working on a new template for this Blog for quite a while as I wanted to be able to use some of the cool new features in the 'New Blogger'. However, the choice of Blogger templates has always been naff and so requiring a lot of hacking to get them into shape. The main thing I wanted was to continue with the family photo embedded in the Blog template rather than in the profile, the main advantage of this being that the photo is static rather than moving up when you scroll down the page.

I've almost finished with the hacks now so hopefully everything is working, if you use Internet Explorer and notice any bugs let me know as the template was edited in Firefox (you know you want it!).

Now that we're using a New Blogger template I can use the 'widgets' to add more functionality to the Blog and hopefully make your experience with the Blog more rewarding. To this end I've added some neat new features like the 'Label Cloud' which highlights the most commonly used labels on this Blog by placing them in a cloud. The larger the word in the cloud the more posts there are with that label.

Another new feature is the random slide show which features 20 photos which have been previously posted on this Blog, hope you enjoy it. There is also a 'Verse For Today' so please scroll down and have a look.

I also plan to add and/or remove sidebar content on a reasonably regular basis as well as changing the order of stuff, particularly as others create better 'widgets' for doing fun stuff so watch this space for further improvements.

We'd love to hear what you think about the Blog, after all, we put quite a lot of work into it, so please leave a comment or send us an email with your views positive or negative.

So here it is.. a long overdue photo of Dean on his bike in the Cape Argus. This photo was taken somewhere in the last 10km's of the race which would explain the lack of a smile on the face having done around 100km's at the time.

As you can see the scenery was truly stunning and the weather was perfect for the race. Some more stats from the race: I finished comfortably in the top half of all the 28748 riders who completed the race and I was 54th in the starting group of 420 riders, not bad!

Since the Argus I've pretty much got back into the usual routine of riding three times a week and occasionally swap the Friday ride for a Saturday ride with another friend who is new to the sport. We're good friends and it's great to ride with good company.

On the weight front, I'm battling a bit with my weight hovering around the 90kg mark. This is a bit frustrating but I know that I've got to be more disciplined and stop eating as much rubbish as I do. I adore cheese, crisps, biscuits etc. and they're all bad and with a holiday only a couple of days away things could be a bit of a struggle for a few weeks.

We're off to a family friendly farm near Montagu on Thursday for two weeks which we're really looking forward to. We need some time to regroup and recharge as a family and this break has come at a great time. I'm also taking my bike as there are plenty of mountain bike trails in the area which I'm looking forward to.

Joel's Birthday Party

On Saturday Joel had his birthday party. This year he had a 'PlayBall' party which was fantastic as we only had to provide the food, all the entertainment was done by the PlayBall team, highly recommended! Most of Joel's classmates came as well as his best friend Matthew and our old neighbours Bradley & Timmy. All the kids had fun and went home very tired - Excellent!

The PlayBall team get things underway

Liam & Matthew on the balancing beam

Eli found the flings (nasty crisps!) and was very happy

Bradley had loads of fun

Pabatso & Joel, 'Batso' as Joel calls him is slowly learning English, but when the term started he didn't have a word of it, speaking only Sotho so he's doing brilliantly

Liam, Matthew & Joel actually listening to instructions

This is one of Joel's favourite games

The party in full swing, lots of running, laughing and shrieking

Blowing out the candle on his crocodile cake

The final game, bursting bubbles with fly swats, also a great opportunity to whack each other

Eli refuses to miss out on the fun!


Vissy died on Monday, after a long battle against ill health. Vissy had suffered from TB for a very long time and we suspect she had a form of cancer but will never know. She was a dear friend in Chris Nissen and was always ready for a laugh, however she never really got over the death of her husband two years ago.

Vissy has been an amazing battler throughout and on a number of occasions it looked like she would die, but each time she pulled through. We are so grateful to God for the witness she was in the community.

The funeral is tomorrow morning and Paula will attend on our behalf.

Technical Problems?

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No problem is too big or small, software or hardware, all your problems can be solved!

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Joel's 4th Birthday

4 Today!

Wow, where did those brief years go? Joel's been very excited about his birthday and has been asking for a bike for a while. We had thought to get him a trampoline but when asked he said he wanted a bike and has been asking ever since. So, having sought some professional advice we got said bike and he was delighted. We had a slight panic on Saturday when he told someone that he was getting a blue bike, but the colour issue seems to be irrelevant now, phew!

Joel was up and about very early, obviously keen to make a start on his presents before school.

The birthday boy with his crown which was made at school. He was allowed to go in 'civvies' today, but chose his uniform, bet he doesn't do that next year

Joel was very proud of his Peter Pan costume from Lisa, Stephen, Susannah, Bethany & India

Grandad gave him a Superman costume which also excited Joel, look at those muscles!

Joel was delighted to get some Thomas the Tank Engine books and CD from Sal & family

Joel & Daddy reading the 'missing' Julia Donaldson book, he now has them all

Enjoying pizza for tea

Below is a video of Joel riding his bike with Daddy, the reference to the wall being bad is about him having just ridden straight into it. I really didn't expect himto get the pedalling action so quickly thinking that I'd spend the weekend teaching him. How long before the stabilisers come off...

And so he's gone to bed exhausted but very happy.

Politically Correct Madness

Proof that some folk in the UK really don't grasp what it means to be 'multicultural' by applying some very skewed logic to the timeless children's fairy tale; The Three Little Pigs.

Palace Result

Palace were denied any points by a moment of brilliance from Scott Sinclair s at Home Park, losing 1-0 to Plymouth, but the failure to convert two simple chances in the first half was the real reason for the defeat. The on-loan Chelsea starlet capped a tricky run on the left with a sublime curling effort which went in off the underside of the angle. That was all the home side could muster in a poor second half, which Palace dominated in terms of possession. However, chances were at a premium, despite the Eagles playing with four up front for the remaining 15 minutes. Substitute Kuqi had a header tipped over, but apart from that, McCormick in the Plymouth goal was never seriously tested. In the first half, Watson and Cort both missed easy chances to give the Eagles a healthy first half lead. Palace now need to focus on their home clash with Sheffield Wednesday in two weeks to get their play-off push back on track. Taylor has set a target of at least six wins to claim a place, but now the Eagles have only eight games to achieve this - dream on! Text nicked from EagleEye Live, edited by me.

Click below for:
Match Report
Manager's Comments

Next fixture: Sat' 31st March, home to Sheffield Wed

Feeding Program

On Friday we managed to do two months worth of food shopping for our feeding program. As ever the food was really gratefully received and has made a big impact upon those families which received it. We're continually grateful to our friends at Hertford Baptist Church for their generosity which funds the program. We're also really proud of our ladies in Chris Nissen who so faithfully package the food and distribute it, particularly Aunty Poppy who allows her house to be taken over for half a day whilst the food is sorted. We marvel at Aunty Poppy, she provides for two of her own daughters and they have both had babies this year with the younger one having twins and they all live in her house! As you can imagine life is a little hectic for the family but they serve so brilliantly and without complaining, a real model to us!

We know it's only March, but already we're having to plan ahead with regard to this feeding program. Our current funding runs out in December, after which we hope that our church will take on some of the responsibility for it. However, we have no idea whether that will happen or not. Either way, please join us in praying for the means to be available for this important work to be able to continue beyond 2007.

Play Date

Joel recently had his first friend from school come home and spend the afternoon playing. Stuart is a really sweet boy and Joel gets on really well with him, needless to say they had a lot of fun especially in the paddling pool.

More photos on Finnie's in Focus

Palace Result

Palace nicked an amazing last minute victory against West Brom last night. It looked as if it was heading for a draw, but out of the blue, Lewis Grabban struck to seal the win. As the Baggies were pushing forward, Grabban was set free on the right and after delaying his shot, he scuffed an effort which was blocked by Kiely, only for the youngster to follow up with the clincher. In an entertaining game, West Brom took the lead through a Neil Clement free-kick, before Clinton Morrison bagged an equaliser. Ben Watson stroked home a penalty just before half-time when Michael Hughes was brought down in the box by Martin Albrechtsen, who saw red after just coming on as a substitute minutes earlier. Kevin Phillips brought West Brom back level again, as the hosts looked to grab a winner. But as both sides looked to get a share of the spoils, up popped Grabban for a famous winner. That's what you call a 'Smash & Grabban!' Text nicked from EagleEye Live, edited by me.

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Match Report
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Next fixture: Sat 17th March away to Plymouth.

Meetings About Meetings

Hazel has written a brilliant post on 'Martin and Hazel's Blog' about meetings. All I can say is she is far better at expressing such things than I am so let me encourage you to take a look at their Blog and be entertained.

PS. If you enjoy meetings you might be offended

CNP Update

After taking things easy on Monday post Argus, I was back in Chris Nissen with a 'bang' on Tuesday. Or rather, life in CNP hit me with a bang. I started by visiting two men who haven't been to my bible study for a while. I'd been told they were upset with me, but as it turns out they weren't at all. It was great to spend some time just chatting with each of them and to hear from them about how they're doing, this always helps to stem the gossip. After seeing these two, I then spent time with Aletta and her new grandson, Justin. He really is a very beautiful baby and his mother is very proud of him! Karin is doing well as a first time mum and has quite a bit of family support which helps. Whilst talking with Aletta I ended up refereeing an argument between her and one of her sons. This is not a position I like to get into as invariably one party always feels aggrieved that you took sides, plus it's very draining being in the middle of a slanging match with both sides expecting you to support them. Sadly, this situation arose due to a well meaning but misguided church member giving some money (never a great idea) without consulting with the leadership first. This is one of our biggest frustrations at present as we have a few 'lone rangers' who have their own agendas in CNP and seem to think the church should get on board with them. Unfortunately such people tend to favour one family and throw lots of resources at them with little apparent thought to the obvious consequences. Invariably, Paula & I end up working hard to resolve issues and mop up the mess.

One such lone ranger recently told one of our members that she should stop relying on govt. handouts and get a job. All well and good in theory, but this misses several key facts, firstly she cares for her youngest son who is unable to work, secondly she cares for two small grandchildren and thirdly, she runs her own micro business making peg bags which tides her over nicely. Oh, did I mention that she's over 60? So, clearly she's been given sound advice!

Another lone ranger in the church wants to build a house for one family and wants the church to fund it - cracking idea. Our church would have a mini-revival as the residents of CNP flocked to the church in the hope of also being given a house. Thankfully our eldership agree that this is a real non-starter, phew!

On a really positive note; Home Affairs were in CNP on Saturday so many residents were able to sort out birth certificates etc. This might not sound particularly impressive, but trust me, this is a HUGE issue for many folk living in poor communities. The really good thing is that Peter (in my bible study) is now receiving help directly from Home Affairs to acquire his birth certificate. He's been battling for ages to get a birth certificate, which will allow him to get an ID document which in turn will allow him to apply for the disability grant. I've been helping him as much as possible but we've been on a few 'wild goose chases' resulting in a lot of frustration, so hopefully he'll have all his relevant documents very soon. Peter currently lives on handouts as he has no income and cannot work due to a serious illness.

We called in on some friends last night on our way home from our leaders meeting (a strange evening) and enjoyed a glass of wine with them, so that was a great end to a long and draining day.

Psychological Barrier

Since getting serious about my mountain biking and generally getting fit and losing several kilos I've been doing quite well and have been pleased with my progress despite the fact that I'm not on a full blown diet, I still enjoy my food but watch what I snack on. I also seem to have lost my taste for alcohol which really helps!

I was really disappointed last week when I hadn't lost any weight (didn't gain either) as I really wanted to get below the dreaded 90kg barrier. Anyway, I weigh myself every Monday morning to see how I'm doing and this morning I was 89.5kgs. I'm now below the 90kg barrier which seemed impossible not so many weeks ago and it's the first time in many many years that I've weighted so little. So now it's on to the target of 85kgs.

I think the weight loss is also really helping with the riding as I'm lugging a lot less weight up the hills than I was at the turn of the year. I'm also enjoying my riding a whole heap more and this may sound weird, but I really enjoy the hills, the sense of satisfaction from whipping a big hill is great. The highlight of my ride in the Argus yesterday was sailing past a lot of people on the hills and hearing a few comments as I passed, especially on Chapman's Peak!

Cape Argus

Wow! I rode the Argus, lived to tell the tale and cracked a decent time of 4hours 6minutes according to my bike computer. The official results will be out on Thursday and I expect it to be a bit longer, maybe 4:20ish as I stopped for a few drinks along the way. My computer stops when I do but the official timing chips don't register stops.

I had two main aims in riding, firstly to finish, 109k's (68miles) is a long way, secondly to have fun and enjoy the race after all the route goes through some stunning scenery! I certainly achieved both goals and the time was a bonus, although in hindsight my legs would have preferred a slower race! The Cape Argus is the largest timed bike race in the world!

After a bit of a panic yesterday when I blew 2 inner tubes and had to race around to find some spares, my bike ran sweet as a nut not skipping a beat.

This has definitely given me the bug to do some more races.

Palace Result

Palace ran out 2-0 winners against Leicester thanks to a first half strike from captain Carl Fletcher and a late, late penalty from Ben Watson in the 2nd minute of added time. It wasn't the prettiest of games, and Palace made hard work of a Leicester team who dropped their heads after going a goal down. However, a couple of second half subs by the Foxes got Leicester back into the game, and they created a number of chances as Palace spurned several golden opportunities to make the game safe. Michael Hughes made a welcome comeback on the left of midfield to tighten up Palace in the centre of the park. Leicester so nearly nicked a point when Kiraly had to save from Jason Jarrett at full stretch in the 88th minute, only for Palace to win a clear cut penalty and add gloss to a nervous scoreline. The win for Palace may keep some talk of Play-Off ambitions alive, but in reality it's all about building for next season; blooding youngsters and making fringe players play for contracts. Unless of course we go to the Hawthorns on Wednesday night and nick a win against promotion certainties West Brom... then watch the calculators come out! Text nicked from EagleEye Live, edited by moi.

Click below for:
Match Report
Manager's Comments

Next fixture: Wed 14th Mar' away to West Brom.

Church Planting In Durban

Last Friday I had the amazing privilege of leaving all my boys and flying up to be part of a team that was gathering from all over South Africa to boost the current congregation of Hope Church, Durban and to encourage them by participating in all sorts of evangelism before the official church launch on Sunday afternoon. I really did have the most wonderful time - helped not least because I was staying on a mattress on the floor of a really wacky girl who had just moved in herself, but had air conditioning - oh glory! The word hot does not do justice to Durban - "stinking hot" and "dripping" are far better expressions. I have not sweated so much in my life, though I have lived in hotter places. The humidity was something to be experienced. I also had my share of mossie bites - why did God invent them?!

Anyway, the weekend was non-stop. We evangelised in the university, shopping malls, the beach - in fact anywhere we could, inviting people to church on the Sunday. Some of the conversations we had were amazing and some team members even got the chance to pray with people there and then. It is true to say that no matter where we are people are hungry for God, though most don't realise it. Many people responded negatively saying that they were Muslim, and this created interesting discussion from time to time.

The launch finally arrived at 4 pm on Sunday. We worked really hard all morning setting up the local school hall where the church meets and by 4.05 pm about 375 people packed themselves in to worship and hear about God. We reckon just over half were either Hope Church, visitors from local churches or the team, so a good number of folk really did just turn up. It was fantastic to worship God so exuberantly in English, Zulu, Afrikaans and Sotho - a little taste of heaven! Drew Land, a Texan and leader of the church gave the gospel brilliantly and just over 20 people came forward to receive Jesus there and then. I had the privilege of praying with some. It is so good to be at the raw edge of evangelism and to witness people coming to God for the first time. The hard work now starts for the church as they start all the follow up this week and in the coming months. Our prayer is for the church to experience phenomenal growth and to really have an impact in Durban. This prayer was certainly echoed in the prophetic words that flowed on Sunday afternoon. It was so good to spend a bit of time chatting with Gary and Nicky, our good friends and old boss from Helderberg. After a final evening spent having a laugh and letting our hair down with people in the church I flew back on Monday lunchtime to 3 very happy boys!

Laurence's Story

We came across an amazing story called: 'Laurence - Extreme Dentistry' from a Blog entitled: Mercy Watch. This is such an encouraging story of God's amazing intervention in one man's life. Just look at the before and after photos to see what a difference God has made to his life.



What can you say about the following pictures...not a lot so enjoy them.

And finally, here's one I made earlier:

I took this as we were driving home along the R44 in Somerset West

If you enjoyed these photos, click below for more fun..
Reasons We Love Africa - Pt1
Another Reason We Love Africa
We finally have a 'broadband' connection. It's great to ditch the unreliability of dial up networking. However, our broadband is actually a 384kb bandwidth adsl line with a 1GB monthly cap for both uploading & downloading. Hardly the whizz bang one would expect in the 21st century, but a step in the right direction. And the cost for all this; a mere R500 (£40) per month, what a bargain - not!

I had my tooth pulled out on Tuesday and immediately noticed a difference. Whilst I'm still in a lot of pain, the pain is different, being 'mechanical damage' so it's nowhere near as bad as it was. I'm trying to get off the painkillers but having had none since early evening yesterday, I wimped out this morning and took a generous dose!

I'm also really excited as I've been given the opportunity to ride in the Cape Argus on Sunday so am currently planning the day to ensure all goes well. I'll be on my mountain bike and aiming for a sub 5 hour ride but would ideally look to finish in around 4 hours, ambition or what! Watch this space.

The picture is of Joel riveted to the TV watching Roger Waters live in concert, he makes me so proud with his taste in music!

The View From Here - Pt 3

This one is a shorter post than the others as there are only two photos but both are of great views. Today we're showing you views from our church building, so we're at work rather than play.

This is the view from the church car park, once again the view is dominated by the Helderberg mountain.

This is the view from the back of the church building looking up towards Sir Lowry's Pass. We have our weekly prayer meetings in this hall and it's great to enjoy such a good view whist praying. The mountains in the background are the Hottentots Holland range which together with the Helderberg form a natural 'basin' giving rise to the name for the area.

The View From Here - Pt1
The View From Here - Pt2

Almost There

I love our family routine as you know that by 7pm peace & quiet reign supreme as the boys are in bed and adult time takes over - bliss! We've had some fun today, church was rocking this morning, Nick, one of our worship leaders has played with the hymn 'How Great Thou Art', basically he's written new verses and really beefed up the chorus, brilliant. Once again about half the church came forward to be prayed for to released in their gifts, this is really exciting. Steve Van Ryhn from Jubilee Community Church preached on 'the local church' and as ever he was superb. Steve is a really gifted expositional preacher and probably my favourite local preacher, you know you're going to get solid biblical teaching from him and today was no exception.

My teeth have been really hurting today so I'm going to contact the dentist in the morning to see if he can squeeze me in somewhere. Unfortunately, being in pain puts one in a foul mood and the boys have copped for it today. This afternoon I took them to the Nature Reserve just to have a distraction and get out of the house. It's also been raining heavily (not supposed to in Summer!), we had 36mm in 24 hours so we're all a little stir crazy. Anyway, we had fun in the reserve and managed to coax 'Spikey' the porcupine out of his house with some bread. Both Joel & Eli were pleased to see several giant tortoises but Joel was disappointed that the ducks refused his bread.

The distraction was very welcome but the pain remained as did my bad mood, so Eli ended up going to bed upset, I feel I should go and wake him to say sorry, but that would mean an even worst evening for me. Joel understands so he was very sweet, he had a trip to the dentist with his school on Friday so he's an expert on dentists! I'll have to bribe them both with a treat tomorrow to make up for a grumpy daddy.

Paula says that the church plant in Durban went really well with over 400 people at the launch and about 20 salvations at the first service. Praise God for that! I'll get her to write something about the experience when she gets home. We're all really looking forward to having her home tomorrow afternoon, we've missed her so much and Daddy really does appreciate just how much she does!!!

I'm going to nurse my pain in front of the idiot box now and watch Die Hard 2 which is the best our 4 channels can offer, thankfully the channel showing Die Hard is not a state owned channel!

Palace Result

Palace have a long history of being haunted by ex-players, invariably they score against us when we meet and today was no different with Ade Akinbiyi scoring his first league goal since he rejoined Burnley. That was enough to ensure the points were shared with a 1- draw. The much-traveled striker pounced in the 38th minute to head home Joey Gudjonsson’s inswinging ball into the box, which canceled out Clinton Morrison’s superb opening header. The Palace striker capitalised on some poor defending by the Clarets back line to put his side in front. John McGreal and Steve Caldwell both miss-judged Gabor Kiraly’s long punt, allowing Morrison to ghost in behind them and loop a beautifully taken header over the keeper for his third goal in two games. Eagles defender Leon Cort denied Burnley making an instant reply when his last-ditch block prevented Andy Gray from finishing Akinbiyi’s cross. The ex-Palace striker went close himself 10 minutes before the break when he shot over, but in the 38th minute, Akinbiyi finally got his goal. Gudjonsson swung in an inswinging cross from deep and Akinbiyi rose highest to head into Kiraly’s bottom left-hand corner. The hosts started the second half in the same way they finished the first, and after Andy Gray went close with a shot on the turn from the edge of the box, Akinbiyi wasted a golden opportunity when his weak header went straight into Kiraly’s arms. Palace improved when Peter Taylor introduced Ben Watson and Lewis Grabban, but did not really threaten until the last 10 minutes. Grabban shot wide from the edge of the box before Tom Soares’ shot from distance went just over the bar. The draw now surely puts the final nail in the coffin for Palace’s play-off dream. Text nicked from EagleEye Live, edited by me.

Click below for:
Match Report
Manager's Comments

Next fixture: Sat 10th Mar home to Leicester City

The Jesus Tomb

I couldn't resist posting this cartoon, judge for yourself but I thought it was quite good.

Further to my previous post about the Tomb of Jesus, Ben Witherington has written two further posts on the subject, both of which are excellent!



Both of these are well worth reading.

So here we are, the first of three nights without Paula and the house is calm. Eli was in bed at the usual time (6.30pm), fed, watered, bathed and with clean teeth - all 6 of them. Joel was an hour late to bed but that was planned as we had pizza for tea whilst watching Disney's Peter Pan. Joel really enjoyed both and after demolishing his pizza asked for more! He went to bed at 8pm very tired but very happy. I even managed a two hour ride up Sir Lowry's Pass (could that be misconstrued as a 'double entendre'?) this afternoon. I know it's only the first night, but it's great to know that our family routine continues despite any changes.

So what's this post about? Am I just blowing my own trumpet or is there a point? Well yes I do have a point. Prior to Paula's departure we had a number of different conversations with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures most of whom expressed surprise and even a bit of shock at the thought of Paula going away for a few days leaving dad to cope with the children. The ladies from Chris Nissen were generally agreed that it was a good thing but acknowledged that thier menfolk would never undertake such a commitment. Amongst Paula's friends (mostly white and some Afrikaaners) most agreed that their husbands would probably not agree to such an undertaking and if they did, the mums would worry about the carnage waiting to be cleared up on their return. For us coming form a more liberal culture in which dads are encouraged to participate, we're quite taken aback by the comments and attitudes we've experienced.

Why shouldn't a dad be fully committed and involved in the raising of his children? Why leave it to the mums? Amazingly, some folk have expressed the view that we're wrong and Paula shouldn't go away. Others think I'm not a 'real' man as I'm prepared to take on the womans role. Yep such attitudes are alive and well in the 'New South Africa' (which raises concerns at a whole other level, but I'll not go there). We see things quite differently and not just because we come from a different culture. Our view is that if we want our children and just as importantly, other men and families to grasp the 'fatherhood' of God, then as Christians we need to model healthy family life. I'm determined that my boys will know a life I never had. They will grow up knowing their dad but more importantly their dad will model the father son relationship of the New Testament. I want my boys to grow up with a healthy understanding of God as their father and I will do what it takes to make this happen.

So that is my point. Looking after my boys is a genuine act of a real man and it is perfectly right that Paula should be part of a church planting team. We're both serving God and seeking to extend His kingdom, we're just expressing it a little differently. We're all already missing Paula/Mummy but we are excited about what she is involved in. God will use her and His name will be glorified through this time. Dad will spend some brilliant quality time with his two amazing sons. What more could anyone ask for?

Paula Heading To Durban

Paula's off to Durban tomorrow for the weekend as she joins the team planting Hope Church. The church is being led by our old elder Gary and a great team of other guys & gals. Finally NewFrontiers will have a presence in the city. The cunning plan is to start the church close to the student area and hopefully spread out from there. However, the church is being intentional in its aim to see students saved and added to the church.

Paula leaves in the morning and returns home on Monday afternoon, so while the cats away... Joel & I will have pizza & DVD tomorrow after Eli is in bed and then we're planning to have lots of fun for the weekend, stay tuned!

Both our groups went well this morning and Paula invited the Chris Nissen ladies back to our house for a spot of lunch. It's always a pleasure to have such good friends visiting and we all had a great time. Sadly I had to pop out to do a few bits but the bit I was there for was good fun.

Aunty Henna, Gertrude, Dina, Paula & Anne

The View From Here - Pt 2

In this installment we're taking in some of the views from Chris Nissen and more specifically from Michael's stoep (porch) at the front of his house. The reason I've included this is because we meet there each Thursday morning for our men's bible study.

The view of Chris Nissen Park as you turn off the N2 highway. The Helderberg mountain dominates the landscape and most views in the area.

Looking directly across the street from Michael's stoep.

The view to the side. The red 'box' in the middle is a community telephone provided by one of the cell phone companies, needless to say calls are expensive. Michael hopes to finish his stoep before the winter rains come.

The view from the side of Michael's house and as ever the Helderberg being a constant presence.

The view from behind, in the distance are the Hottentots Holland mountains which together with the Helderberg for the Helderberg Basin.

The view from the entrance to Chris Nissen looking towards Gordon's Bay with the Hotties mountains.