The View From Here - Pt 2

In this installment we're taking in some of the views from Chris Nissen and more specifically from Michael's stoep (porch) at the front of his house. The reason I've included this is because we meet there each Thursday morning for our men's bible study.

The view of Chris Nissen Park as you turn off the N2 highway. The Helderberg mountain dominates the landscape and most views in the area.

Looking directly across the street from Michael's stoep.

The view to the side. The red 'box' in the middle is a community telephone provided by one of the cell phone companies, needless to say calls are expensive. Michael hopes to finish his stoep before the winter rains come.

The view from the side of Michael's house and as ever the Helderberg being a constant presence.

The view from behind, in the distance are the Hottentots Holland mountains which together with the Helderberg for the Helderberg Basin.

The view from the entrance to Chris Nissen looking towards Gordon's Bay with the Hotties mountains.


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