Paula Heading To Durban

Paula's off to Durban tomorrow for the weekend as she joins the team planting Hope Church. The church is being led by our old elder Gary and a great team of other guys & gals. Finally NewFrontiers will have a presence in the city. The cunning plan is to start the church close to the student area and hopefully spread out from there. However, the church is being intentional in its aim to see students saved and added to the church.

Paula leaves in the morning and returns home on Monday afternoon, so while the cats away... Joel & I will have pizza & DVD tomorrow after Eli is in bed and then we're planning to have lots of fun for the weekend, stay tuned!

Both our groups went well this morning and Paula invited the Chris Nissen ladies back to our house for a spot of lunch. It's always a pleasure to have such good friends visiting and we all had a great time. Sadly I had to pop out to do a few bits but the bit I was there for was good fun.

Aunty Henna, Gertrude, Dina, Paula & Anne


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