Finally after two years of trying to get this issue sorted we've managed to get in touch with our local councillor who put us in touch with the right person at the municipality and they are coming to inspect our sewerage pipe on Friday morning.

During the flooding late last year and the usual heavy rains of 2012 & '13 we had the delight of sewage bubbling up in our bathroom. I was able to release the screws from the inspection cover very quickly which stopped the flow into the bathroom, directing it into the garden instead, leading to the discovery of all manner of unpleasant items in the garden.

New School Year

This morning saw the boys returning to school to commence Years 6 and 4 respectively and they do so with huge faith, hope and confidence. The holidays for them have been a time not only to rest and relax but also to do some thinking about this big year. We were quite surprised to find that both had set themselves goals for the year and for the first time ever both boys were looking forward to the return to school, albeit it for different reasons!

Delia I Am Not!

Having read my mate Hazel's Christmas 2013 blog post I was inspired and encouraged to confess to my own shortcomings in the Christmas cake department.

Like Hazel I made two cakes, one came out very well (see left) and once it was iced etc. it went down a storm.

Sadly that's not the whole story though...

My second cake turned out to have a few flaws, not least of which was its height. Just as Hazel struggled to find any real help for real world problems so I failed to find any advice or warnings about the best height for a Christmas cake. In fairness I was limited by the available cake tins, we only have two. No worries, I pressed on.

New Year's Day

I've not blogged about Palace for a long time so you'll have to excuse this post.  Though in reality it's not entirely about Palace.

It's exactly six years since I've been to a Palace game (see Palace Result - With A Difference) but what an occassion it was. I got to take Joel to his first ever match and he absolutely loved it! As a dad and a Palace fan it made for a very special afternoon for me and one I'll never forget

So what triggered the memory?  Well six years ago Palace played Norwich at home and this afternoon we have a repeat of the fixture, though sadly we have no repeat of our attendance.