New School Year

This morning saw the boys returning to school to commence Years 6 and 4 respectively and they do so with huge faith, hope and confidence. The holidays for them have been a time not only to rest and relax but also to do some thinking about this big year. We were quite surprised to find that both had set themselves goals for the year and for the first time ever both boys were looking forward to the return to school, albeit it for different reasons!
Joel has a brand new teacher whom we happen to know from years ago when we first came to South Africa. She is a committed Christian who upon hearing that she had got the job told us that she was going to “shower the class with love”. This is such music to our ears and we are thrilled at the way God has orchestrated this new situation for Joel and his peers. He faces big challenges this year but does so with great courage and a new self belief that has taken a year to restore.

Eli is also facing a big and very welcome change. His class size shrunk to 7 children last year and we were all concerned about its viability as 2 were definitely moving on at the end of 2013. Thankfully the school have taken the decision to merge Years 3 and 4 as a Form whilst continuing to teach the children at their respective levels. This now makes Eli one of the “big boys” for a change after years of always being the youngest and we believe this will do wonders for his self esteem and learning ability.

We're really excited for them both as they should have a great year!


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