PlayBall Birthday Party

On Saturday Joel had his birthday party. This year he had a 'PlayBall' party which was fantastic as we only had to provide the food, all the entertainment was done by the PlayBall team, highly recommended! Most of Joel's classmates came as well as his best friend Matthew and our old neighbours Bradley & Timmy. All the kids had fun and went home very tired - Excellent!

The PlayBall team get things underway

Liam & Matthew on the balancing beam

Eli found the flings (nasty crisps!) and was very happy

Bradley had loads of fun

Pabatso & Joel, 'Batso' as Joel calls him is slowly learning English, but when the term started he didn't have a word of it, speaking only Sotho so he's doing brilliantly

Liam, Matthew & Joel actually listening to instructions

This is one of Joel's favourite games

The party in full swing, lots of running, laughing and shrieking

Blowing out the candle on his crocodile cake

The final game, bursting bubbles with fly swats, also a great opportunity to whack each other

Eli refuses to miss out on the fun!


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