So here it is.. a long overdue photo of Dean on his bike in the Cape Argus. This photo was taken somewhere in the last 10km's of the race which would explain the lack of a smile on the face having done around 100km's at the time.

As you can see the scenery was truly stunning and the weather was perfect for the race. Some more stats from the race: I finished comfortably in the top half of all the 28748 riders who completed the race and I was 54th in the starting group of 420 riders, not bad!
Since the Argus I've pretty much got back into the usual routine of riding three times a week and occasionally swap the Friday ride for a Saturday ride with another friend who is new to the sport. We're good friends and it's great to ride with good company.

On the weight front, I'm battling a bit with my weight hovering around the 90kg mark. This is a bit frustrating but I know that I've got to be more disciplined and stop eating as much rubbish as I do. I adore cheese, crisps, biscuits etc. and they're all bad and with a holiday only a couple of days away things could be a bit of a struggle for a few weeks.

We're off to a family friendly farm near Montagu on Thursday for two weeks which we're really looking forward to. We need some time to regroup and recharge as a family and this break has come at a great time. I'm also taking my bike as there are plenty of mountain bike trails in the area which I'm looking forward to.


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