Blog Relaunch

I've been working on a new template for this Blog for quite a while as I wanted to be able to use some of the cool new features in the 'New Blogger'.

However, the choice of Blogger templates has always been naff and so requiring a lot of hacking to get them into shape.

The main thing I wanted was to continue with the family photo embedded in the Blog template rather than in the profile, the main advantage of this being that the photo is static rather than moving up when you scroll down the page.

I've almost finished with the hacks now so hopefully everything is working, if you use Internet Explorer and notice any bugs let me know as the template was edited in Firefox (you know you want it!).

Now that we're using a New Blogger template I can use the 'widgets' to add more functionality to the Blog and hopefully make your experience with the Blog more rewarding. To this end I've added some neat new features like the 'Label Cloud' which highlights the most commonly used labels on this Blog by placing them in a cloud. The larger the word in the cloud the more posts there are with that label.

Another new feature is the random slide show which features 20 photos which have been previously posted on this Blog, hope you enjoy it. There is also a 'Verse For Today' so please scroll down and have a look.

I also plan to add and/or remove sidebar content on a reasonably regular basis as well as changing the order of stuff, particularly as others create better 'widgets' for doing fun stuff so watch this space for further improvements.

We'd love to hear what you think about the Blog, after all, we put quite a lot of work into it, so please leave a comment or send us an email with your views positive or negative.


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