Almost There

I love our family routine as you know that by 7pm peace & quiet reign supreme as the boys are in bed and adult time takes over - bliss! We've had some fun today, church was rocking this morning, Nick, one of our worship leaders has played with the hymn 'How Great Thou Art', basically he's written new verses and really beefed up the chorus, brilliant. Once again about half the church came forward to be prayed for to released in their gifts, this is really exciting. Steve Van Ryhn from Jubilee Community Church preached on 'the local church' and as ever he was superb. Steve is a really gifted expositional preacher and probably my favourite local preacher, you know you're going to get solid biblical teaching from him and today was no exception.

My teeth have been really hurting today so I'm going to contact the dentist in the morning to see if he can squeeze me in somewhere. Unfortunately, being in pain puts one in a foul mood and the boys have copped for it today. This afternoon I took them to the Nature Reserve just to have a distraction and get out of the house. It's also been raining heavily (not supposed to in Summer!), we had 36mm in 24 hours so we're all a little stir crazy. Anyway, we had fun in the reserve and managed to coax 'Spikey' the porcupine out of his house with some bread. Both Joel & Eli were pleased to see several giant tortoises but Joel was disappointed that the ducks refused his bread.

The distraction was very welcome but the pain remained as did my bad mood, so Eli ended up going to bed upset, I feel I should go and wake him to say sorry, but that would mean an even worst evening for me. Joel understands so he was very sweet, he had a trip to the dentist with his school on Friday so he's an expert on dentists! I'll have to bribe them both with a treat tomorrow to make up for a grumpy daddy.

Paula says that the church plant in Durban went really well with over 400 people at the launch and about 20 salvations at the first service. Praise God for that! I'll get her to write something about the experience when she gets home. We're all really looking forward to having her home tomorrow afternoon, we've missed her so much and Daddy really does appreciate just how much she does!!!

I'm going to nurse my pain in front of the idiot box now and watch Die Hard 2 which is the best our 4 channels can offer, thankfully the channel showing Die Hard is not a state owned channel!


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