Psychological Barrier

Since getting serious about my mountain biking and generally getting fit and losing several kilos I've been doing quite well and have been pleased with my progress despite the fact that I'm not on a full blown diet, I still enjoy my food but watch what I snack on. I also seem to have lost my taste for alcohol which really helps!

I was really disappointed last week when I hadn't lost any weight (didn't gain either) as I really wanted to get below the dreaded 90kg barrier. Anyway, I weigh myself every Monday morning to see how I'm doing and this morning I was 89.5kgs. I'm now below the 90kg barrier which seemed impossible not so many weeks ago and it's the first time in many many years that I've weighted so little. So now it's on to the target of 85kgs.

I think the weight loss is also really helping with the riding as I'm lugging a lot less weight up the hills than I was at the turn of the year. I'm also enjoying my riding a whole heap more and this may sound weird, but I really enjoy the hills, the sense of satisfaction from whipping a big hill is great. The highlight of my ride in the Argus yesterday was sailing past a lot of people on the hills and hearing a few comments as I passed, especially on Chapman's Peak!

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  1. I suppose if you want to see better results, you should just calculate how many pounds you lost, instead of kilos.

    Of course, then your weight doubles...


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