Cape Argus

Wow! I rode the Argus, lived to tell the tale and cracked a decent time of 4hours 6minutes according to my bike computer. The official results will be out on Thursday and I expect it to be a bit longer, maybe 4:20ish as I stopped for a few drinks along the way. My computer stops when I do but the official timing chips don't register stops.

I had two main aims in riding, firstly to finish, 109k's (68miles) is a long way, secondly to have fun and enjoy the race after all the route goes through some stunning scenery! I certainly achieved both goals and the time was a bonus, although in hindsight my legs would have preferred a slower race! The Cape Argus is the largest timed bike race in the world!

After a bit of a panic yesterday when I blew 2 inner tubes and had to race around to find some spares, my bike ran sweet as a nut not skipping a beat.

This has definitely given me the bug to do some more races.


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