We finally have a 'broadband' connection. It's great to ditch the unreliability of dial up networking. However, our broadband is actually a 384kb bandwidth adsl line with a 1GB monthly cap for both uploading & downloading. Hardly the whizz bang one would expect in the 21st century, but a step in the right direction. And the cost for all this; a mere R500 (£40) per month, what a bargain - not!

I had my tooth pulled out on Tuesday and immediately noticed a difference. Whilst I'm still in a lot of pain, the pain is different, being 'mechanical damage' so it's nowhere near as bad as it was. I'm trying to get off the painkillers but having had none since early evening yesterday, I wimped out this morning and took a generous dose!

I'm also really excited as I've been given the opportunity to ride in the Cape Argus on Sunday so am currently planning the day to ensure all goes well. I'll be on my mountain bike and aiming for a sub 5 hour ride but would ideally look to finish in around 4 hours, ambition or what! Watch this space.

The picture is of Joel riveted to the TV watching Roger Waters live in concert, he makes me so proud with his taste in music!


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