Joel's 4th Birthday

4 Today!

Wow, where did those brief years go? Joel's been very excited about his birthday and has been asking for a bike for a while. We had thought to get him a trampoline but when asked he said he wanted a bike and has been asking ever since. So, having sought some professional advice we got said bike and he was delighted. We had a slight panic on Saturday when he told someone that he was getting a blue bike, but the colour issue seems to be irrelevant now, phew!

The birthday boy with his crown which was made at school. He was allowed to go in 'civvies' today, but chose his uniform, bet he doesn't do that next year

Joel was very proud of his Peter Pan costume from Lisa, Stephen, Susannah, Bethany & India

Grandad gave him a Superman costume which also excited Joel, look at those muscles!

Joel was delighted to get some Thomas the Tank Engine books and CD from Sal & family

Joel & Daddy reading the 'missing' Julia Donaldson book, he now has them all

Enjoying pizza for tea

Below is a video of Joel riding his bike with Daddy, the reference to the wall being bad is about him having just ridden straight into it. I really didn't expect him to get the pedaling action so quickly thinking that I'd spend the weekend teaching him. How long before the stabilisers come off...

And so he's gone to bed exhausted but very happy.

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  1. Did you go to sleep in your costume Joel? Happy Birthday!!


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