Bible Study

We've just had an excellent bible study, we were looking at the life of Elisha as a follow on from the life of Elijah last week. We had seven men plus John & myself which is our largest attendance so far. Ben joined us for the first time and Ernest came too (he doesn't normally like to come out in winter), it's also Ernest's birthday so John brought a cake along which went down well.

As we were about to start, Sandra was delivering the post and I greeted her twice, she ignored me on both occasion's which is both sad and childish, so things aren't looking too good in relation to getting the container (which we really need if we are to keep growing). Please pray for Sandra and also that we would be able to get the key for the container regularly.

We've taken a more 'teaching' approach to the group recently and this seems to be working better, it also prevents the group going off on bizarre tangents. Today we also incorporated some testimony from Cyril which really helped to illustrate a point. I'm particularly encouraged by the group, how they're growing and they receive the teaching. Please continue to pray that the group would grow and that we would build solid relationships together.

Next Wednesday we're all off to the Spur for coffee and cake which should be fun. We'll take some photos to post on the Blog.


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